The Coolest Colorado Slangs You Need To Know

Colorado is another gorgeous state of the USA with a rich abundance of attractions to visit as well as culture to discover. Part of that culture are the slang terms and expressions that originate from the state of Colorado or that are very commonly used there.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the most popular slangs from Colorado. If you’re planning to spend time in the state, then these will help you accustom yourself and sound more like a local. Make your time in Denver and any other part of Colorado feel as natural as possible.


Colorado Rockies

Rockies are a popular baseball team in USA that originates from Denver Colorado. The Rockpile expression refers to getting the cheapest seats to sit in for a game of the Rockies team. The center field section of the stadium is the most popular and is named The Rockpile.


Colorado snow

It often snows in Colorado during winter and a pow refers to a fresh, powdery snowfall in a funny way. When there’s pow it’s the perfect time to go do some snow related activities.

Colorado Kool-Aid

Colorado Coors

The term Colorado Kool-Aid refers to a beer brands that is very popular in Colorado, the Coors beer. Its nickname is a compliment to how much it’s liked and how common it is.


Colorado LoDo

LoDo is an abbreviation for  Lower Downtown in Denver, the biggest city in the state. Basically it’s a local term to refer to that part of the city.

The Front Range

The Front Range

As you might know Colorado has a lot of mountainous regions that are photographed a lot. However the term Front Range refers to the cities that are not part  of those mountainous areas of Colorado. The most notable of these cities are Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Arvada, Aurora, Fort Collins and Pueblo.


BV Colorado

BV is an abbreviation for Buena Vista, a very popular touristic town in Colorado. If you’re traveling to this beautiful state you should pay a visit to BV or Booney or Bueny as locals love to call it. It’s an amazing vacation destination.

The Springs

Colorado Springs

The Springs in short refers to Colorado Springs, one of the biggest and most important cities in the state. It is also part of the cities that make up The Front Range mentioned earlier! It’s another city that definitely deserves a visit while you’re in the state.