The Coolest Wisconsin Slangs You Need To Know

Wisconsin is part of the United States of America, in its midwestern part. Just like all other states, Wisconsin has a lot of slang expressions that are used to this day. Wanna feel like a local next time you visit this beautiful state? Then study the following terms and find out how much of them you knew already. Every roadtrip begins with a word. Without further delay let’s take a look at the coolest Wisconsin slangs you need to know!



Tennies at first might seem like a word used to refer to tennis shoes, but the truth is that in Wisconsin slang, it refers to all types of trainers including tennis shoes.



FIB is a very negative and rude way to call someone from Illinois. In case you’re unaware, there’s a big rivalry between the two states, usually because of rival sports teams. This slang term is an abbreviation for “f*cking Illinois b*stard”. This one is mostly informational and we hope you won’t end up using it.

Stop and go lights

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Skyline

This one is quite simple. Stop and go lights is a very elementary way of saying traffic lights. For example someone from Wisconsin would say “When crossing the street, make sure to check the stop and go lights first!”

Believe you me

Madison, Wisconsin, USA downtown skyline

This is the Wisconsin slang expression to say “I promise” or “I swear!” The main difference that makes this slang term cool is that it’s purpose is to put emphasis on the fact that what you’re saying is important and should be taken seriously!

Tyme Machine


Tyme Machine is a slang term to refer to ATM, the machines we use to withdraw money from our bank or credit card. The reason behind this one is that Tyme, the company making ATMs was the main supplier in Wisconsin for the longest time, so it turned into a slang for all ATMs.

Hey, c’mere once!


This is the way you would call someone to approach you quickly. It stands for “Hey c’mere at once” as in immediately. So the term also means come here quickly. This is the midwestern way of calling someone over in a very nice way.

Aw geez!


This is more of a reaction that a slang, but in the most Wisconsin way possible. It’s like saying aww man! or “Aw what a shame!” It’s a phrase used when you realize something is not as you expected or you’re disappointed.