The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Latin America

These are the most expensive neighborhoods in Latin America to buy a home. Prices per square meter in the most exclusive neighborhoods in Latin America increased up to 24%, while in the middle class up to 28% in the last year. The most expensive neighborhoods to buy a home in Latin America are from left to right the neighborhoods of Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires) and Vila Nova Conceição (Sao Paulo).

Bogotá – Argentina, Chile and Brazil have the most expensive neighborhoods to buy a home in Latin America in the category of exclusive areas, according to reports by real estate platforms that was carried out based on the analysis of more than 35,000 properties in different territories of the region.

The reports indicate that due to the volatility of the exchange rate that has affected Latin America this year, the analysis of the most expensive neighborhoods to buy was carried out based on the average value of the dollar in the last six months in Colombia, Peru, Brazil , Mexico and Chile. In addition, they specify that the information for Chile, Mexico and Brazil was obtained from external sources, validated internally. For the report, the properties were divided into two large groups, exclusive and middle class, although there are some of the latter category whose price per square meter can exceed that of the first.

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires


According to the report, in the category of exclusive neighborhoods, the most expensive to buy a home in Latin America is Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires), where the average price is US $ 6,002, 1% more compared to 2020.

Vitacura, Santiago de Chile

Aerial view of road jungtion and Manquehue hill from Vitacura bicentennial park on a clear day in Chilean capital Santiago

In the second box is Vitacura (Santiago de Chile), whose average price per square meter is US $ 4,419, with an annual variation of 20%.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


They were followed by Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), where the square meter is worth on average US $ $$ 3,831, 3% less than a year ago.

Vila Nova Conceição, Sao Paulo

Vila Nova Conceição

Another Brazilian neighborhood stands out on the list, Vila Nova Conceição (Sao Paulo), with an average price of US $ 3,587 and an annual variation of 6%.

Montevideo, Carrasco


The Montevideo neighborhood of Carrasco is fifth among the exclusive ones with an average price of US $ 3,333 and a variation of 15%, followed by Las Malvinas (Rosario) with $ 2,493 and 4% and San Isidro (Lima) with $ 2,415 and -6%. The most expensive in Colombia is Chicó (Bogotá), eighth on the list of exclusives and 11 overall, with an average price of US $ 2,407 and an annual variation of 14%.

In Colombia, they are followed by El Poblado, in Medellín (US $ 1,400); Pance, in Cali (US $$ 1,387); and El Prado, in Barranquilla (US $$ 710). According to the report, on average, the prices of these neighborhoods rose compared to 2020, by between 5% and 24%. The top ten for Latin America in the most exclusive areas is closed by the Country Jockey Club (Córdoba) with a value of US $ 2,184 per square meter, an annual variation of 1%, and Bosques de las Lomas (Mexico City) with US $ 2,165, 11% more.

Already in the middle class neighborhoods, Ñuñoa (Santiago de Chile) is cataloged the most expensive with a square meter of US $ 3,689, 28% more than a year ago.In the second spot appears Parque Batlle (Montevideo) with US $ 2,534 and 14%, followed by Caballito (Buenos Aires) with US $ 2,503 and -11%; Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro) with US $ 2,008 -1% and Nuestra Señora de Lourdes (Rosario) with US $ 1,816 and 6%. Among the Colombian neighborhoods in this segment, the best located are Castilla (Bogotá), which is eighth on the list of the middle class with US $ 1,305 and 19%; La Flora – Zona Norte (Cali), which is 13 with US $ 1,016 and 24% and La América (Medellín) which is 14 with $ 929 and 1%.