The Most Popular Social Work Careers

Social work is a profession that offers a number of different specialties. What most of those who study for social work degrees have in common is their desire to improve the lives of other people and to help those who are most vulnerable in society.

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No matter what specific sector of the social work industry an individual ultimately ends up working in, they will be presented with numerous opportunities to help other people on a day to day basis. This makes the work rewarding in a way that few other jobs are.

A social work degree opens up such a diverse range of possible careers that there is almost certainly something available to suit everyone. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular social work career paths.

Public Health

Devising and implementing an effective public health policy requires that a number of different individuals and groups come together to ensure that services are widely available and are succeeding in meeting the needs of the local population.

Any facility which administers healthcare, be they public hospitals, prison hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, etc., falls under the purview of public health workers. Social workers are often deployed on the frontline of these institutions with the goal of monitoring the situation on the ground and looking for ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Substance Abuse

Formulating effective interventions and treatments for those suffering from drug addiction has proven to be one of the most stubborn challenges facing the social work industry. While our understanding of addiction has grown and treatments are now much more sophisticated, there is still a degree of trial and error involved, as we have yet to establish a consensus as to what the best treatment methods are.

Drug addicts are often marginalized and their addictions can affect all areas of their life, making their cases complex ones to treat.

Mental Health

Rates of mental health issues are on the rise in the United States. There is some debate as to whether this is due to changes in the environment in which we now live, or due to us being better at spotting and diagnosing mental illness.

Whatever the root causes, there is a greater call than ever before for dedicated individuals to work with those who suffer from mental health issues, to try and help them get their lives back on track.

Child Welfare

Child welfare is some of the most challenging social work available, but it is also hugely rewarding. As harrowing as it can be to encounter child abuse, social workers who work in child welfare are also responsible for removing children from dangerous situations.

If working with children and families in this way appeals to you, then consider studying for a masters in social work online, a degree that opens many doors. The online MSW is much cheaper than a traditional university course and can be studied part-time.

A masters in social work makes it possible to pursue a number of hugely rewarding careers helping other people. The range of careers on offer means that there will be something suitable for everyone.