The Sexiest Accents in the World

Not necessarily what they say; Just the way they say it. Imagine the way people from different countries might pronounce “pour” and “drink”. Some of them are considered sexy by many. The Scottish accent for example is very popular. On the other hand, so are many other accents. Those are almost 7,000 different ways to clumsily navigate the English language; or make it sexier like an old Justin Timberlake song. Of course, no accent is sexy when it’s strong enough to crush a beer can. Which means that not all accents are the same. Below is the list of the sexiest accents in the world!



A historic haven for Spanish, Italians and Germans, Argentina’s superlibidinous South American racial mix cultivated a proud, sultry tone. With your own pronunciation of Spanish letters (“ll” sounds like “shh”) and your own words, this is a dialect that is difficult to understand. (Or so it seems).


New Zealand flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background

New Zealanders, or Kiwis, are the result of a rather particular mix of cultures. In their day to day, the remains of Maori are mixed (their native language, which today only 4% of the population speaks), the British accent of the settlers, the American inherited from the culture, the Australian by proximity and a strange thing that nobody really knows how to name.



From the outset it should be clarified that there is no such thing as one Mexican accent. Within Mexico there are at least four significant variations in its accents that depend on the area of the country: the north, the highlands, the southeast and the coasts.


Flag of Malaysia


Beautiful sunny day in Liverpool, UK, different views of the cit

This is an accent from Liverpool and the Merseyside area.

South African


Some of the characteristics of South African English are the non-rotic pronunciation, that is, the ‘r’ are pronounced smoothly; and the particular way of saying some words like right in which the sound ‘ai’ changes to ‘oi’ (‘roit’). As English is not the only language in South Africa, the local variety is influenced by the other languages and dialects spoken in the country.


German Flag

German has a large number of accents and dialects. More than 30 (normal if we take into account that German has 100 million speakers in Europe and is an official language in 6 countries on the continent). But don’t let the cunic panda! If you think about it, Spanish also has a large number of dialects and that’s not why we pull our hair. In addition, these accents are usually classified into two large groups: the dialects of Low German, and those of High German.


Thailand flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background

With five tones that his native language understands, the dealers in this often fragile accent turn any language into a song of seduction. This is mostly monosyllabic, so many foreign words are given extra emphasis down to the last letter, which is often discarded, leaving the listener wanting more.


flags of Hungary in a souvenir shop at a city festival


Vietnam flag is depicted on a sports cloth fabric with many folds. Sport team banner


Zimbabwe flag is depicted on a sports cloth fabric with many folds. Sport team banner


Turkey flag waving


Trinidad and Tobago flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background

For eccentric sexuality fetishists, the Caribbean island of Trinidad offers a wavy, melodic combination of pan-African, French, Spanish, Creole, and Hindi dialects that, when adapted to English, means sex on jumping stilts.



Australian English is a non-rotic dialect, which in short means that they hardly or never pronounce the “R”, only, and sometimes, when it is placed in front of the vowel. Furthermore, by ignoring the sound of the “R”, they lengthen the previous vowel phoneme, occupying the sound space that would correspond to the “R”.


close up view of russian flag on dark wooden surface


Norway Flag. Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape.


Manchester, New Hampshire Skyline

This accent comes from Manchester and the surrounding area.

Bóston’s American English

Boston, Massachusetts, USA city skyline at the harbor.


Seven United Arab Emirates flags against blue sky with clouds.


Ukrainian flag on glass inside the car


Egypt flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background


Polish flag on a background of blue sky



Brazilian Portuguese

Brazil flag




Perhaps due to its freedom from French influence, Brazil’s Portuguese accent has a more colorful and childish flair than its rougher European counterpart. The resulting howl of dilated vowels reveals a flirty freedom of spirit that sounds like a permanent vacation.


Denmark Flag outside classroom





Romania flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background


Indian Flag


American Southerner




There’s nothing sexy about being in a rush, and you could record the growth rate of the grass with the honeyed accent of a southern hunk or beauty.

Pure British

UK flag close up


Jamaica flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background






Flag of the Philippines



Some vocal chokes heard around Glasgow are recorded as a navigational hazard, but in less industrial corners of Scotland, melodic voices capable of reaching a single octave in a single “aye” fall like soft rain on warm bagpipes. These are gentle, melting tones that evoke cozy home gatherings and seductive garments before their sudden move to reproach leaves us wanting more.


Latvia flag depicted on side part of military armored tank closeup. Army forces conceptual background


Looking up at Chinese flag and red lanterns on a building.


Augusta Maine Skyline

This accent comes from Northeast England.


Flag of Ireland

Slightly more valued in men than in women, the Irish accent is a charming lyrical and lyrical articulation, even exotic. Fluid and exhilarating, it can swing from vulnerable to threatening over the course of a sentence, restoring your faith in the world again… right before it stabs you with a broken bottle.

New Yorker

Wall Street sign with American flag in distance, NYC, USA.





Nigeria flag is depicted in liquid watercolor style isolated on white background

Worthy, with just a hint of ingenuity Deliberately, the rich and deep “oh” and “eh” of the Nigerian fold the English language, without breaking it, awakening tremors in places other languages ​​cannot reach.

Queen’s English

UK flag

Authoritarian. Right. Scholar. Academic. Few accents promise the high nobility of the Queen’s English. It’s an approach to the language that stirs the hearts of James Bond and Hermione Granger devotees. And if the speaker cannot satisfy most of your irrational desires, at least you will learn something.


Swiss flag in the Alps




Czech flag is depicted on a puzzle, which the man's hand completes to fold

Like Russian, without the annoying history of brutal, iron-fisted despotism, Czech is a full-bodied vocal style that gets along well with most meats. Cloudy and mysterious, the bohemian tone is alike a carnal desire and a carnival.


Wales flag


Beautiful flowers are cherry blossom or blooming sakura, against


Spanish flag


Sensual and attractive, but with a barely contained passion capable of unleashing hell. Spanish is like a dialectical Hoover Dam. But then there is the lisp. Tender, vulnerable and cute, no one has that “th” sound, formed by the tongue and teeth, like those who speak the language of Cervantes.



The condescension and burning disinterest of the French language remain paradoxically erotic.


Italy flag. Italian flag on a pole waving on blue sky background

Raw, unfiltered, the Italian accent is a vocal orgasm that reflects the spectrum of the Italian experience: the fire of its warlike origins… the romance of the Renaissance… the dysfunction of something akin to a government since Caesar. Insatiable, predatory and possessive, it is sex like a second language.