The Top Three Family Sports To Try This Summer

It’s summertime and that means it is the perfect time to get out on the water with your family. The top three water sports to try this summer are wakeboarding, tubing, and knee boarding. Wakeboarders will be amazed by how easy it is to take a ride behind a boat. Tubing requires no skill at all – just hop on and you’ll be gliding down the river in no time. Kneeboarding can be done either sitting or standing up. The last two especially, are tons of fun for beginners.


Never heard of wakeboarding? It’s a water sport where you use an inflatable board to jump over the top of a “wake” created by a boat. The rider is then propelled down the center of the wake and can perform tricks in midair or on top of it. This is tons of fun because there are no waves to catch you off guard, and the rider has complete control over their ride.

The tricks aren’t mandatory though. So if you know you aren’t particularly athletic, you can just enjoy the ride. This means that it is a great activity for anyone with even basic water and swimming skills. For instance, it is a great opportunity for kids who are too young or not skilled enough yet to do advanced tricks, but still want to take part in some watersports with their family this summer. 

This is a watersport we advise you and your family to build their skills with gradually though. From learning how to get up on and balance on the board properly, to introducing some beginner tricks.

There are a few rules you’ll want to observe to stay safe on the water. For example, have a spotter who will relay signals between you and the driver of the boat. Wear an approved life vest. If you should fall off of the board, let go of the tow rope to prevent being bodily dragged through the water.


Out of all the top three family watersports to try this summer, tubing might be the most accessible for beginners. Tubers simply place a tube on their stomach and ride down the river at whatever pace they want. This is perfect for families with younger kids because there isn’t any skill required.

Tubing also has the added benefit of helping those doing it to get their summer exercise in. All that is required is a tube. You can find some of the best towable tubes simply by doing your research online. Since there is no skill required, tubers don’t need to worry about a spotter. 

However, they do need to wear an approved life vest so that they can float if needed and provide flotation for others in the party while tubing. Bright colors are recommended. Also, the boat driver in particular is reminded that the tube is liable to go in the opposite direction to where the boat is being steered. Therefore, watch out for things that the tube could run into, even if the boat itself is able to avoid them.


Kneeboarding might seem like a tricky watersport to try this summer, but it’s actually quite easy. It is done either sitting or standing up and both positions are easy for beginners. It’s actually recommended as the next step up from tubing when those being towed are ready to test their skills further.

Kneeboarders need to stay close to the boat. Why? Because they need to be able to jump on top of the wake in order for it to push them forward. This is much easier when the boat’s captain can lead you where he wants you and help with controlling your speed when you’re doing tricks as well.

Kneeboarders also want to make sure that their life vest is approved or else they won’t be able to float should they fall off of their board. Kneeboarding can also help you develop your core strength and build upper body muscles, so it’s a great way for people who are looking to get in shape this summer or all year round as well.

Kneeboarders should always have a spotter watching them from behind. Boat drivers are also recommended to go at a speed at which is appropriate for the skill level of the person being towed.

So what are you waiting for? Hop in the water and try out these three new water sports this summer. Wakeboarding, tubing, and knee boarding all provide a fun activity that is sure to get your heart pumping. Be sure to follow any safety protocols when trying them out, but don’t be afraid to have some fun on the water today.