7 Must-Do Things after an Accident on a Motorcycle 

Riding on a motorcycle is undoubtedly fun, whether you are touring on a sports bike or a moped. Unfortunately, the two-wheeled machine is one of the riskiest modes of transport. This is mostly because there is no shell to protect you unlike in a car. For this reason, the risk and severity of injury are much higher in case of an accident on a motorbike. So what should you do in case you are caught up in a motorcycle accident?

Here are seven things you shouldn’t forget to do.

1. Seek Medical Help

Accidents are always traumatizing. It does not matter the type of accident. It’s one of those unforgettable moments that can leave you injured, shocked, and speechless, or one of the above. The first and most important thing you should do after an accident is to seek medical attention.

Even if the accident was a minor one, and maybe you just got a scratch, ensure you get a checkup from a medical professional. The doctor will go to the depths of checking if there is any internal bleeding or other unnoticed injuries in the body. Note that serious injuries may not show immediately. Some may appear weeks or months after the accident.

2. Contact an Attorney Immediately 

Contacting an attorney soonest is crucial after you have been involved in an accident. An attorney plays a major role in the insurance settlement. If the accident happened in the Hawaiian capital, contacting experienced Honolulu motorcycle accident lawyers should be among the first things you do. Your attorney will act as your mouthpiece at a third party or comprehensive bike insurance company while pursuing a compensation claim and during the court process. They will go extra lengths to collect vital evidence that will help argue your case strongly and ensure you get your deserved compensation. They strive to get you a fair settlement or favorable verdict.

3. Never Remove Your Safety Gear

Accidents tend to happen when you least expect them. Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why it’s always crucial to put on your safety gear before riding your bike. In case you are caught off guard, motorbike safety gear can help reduce the injuries sustained. In the event of a mishap, avoid removing your safety gear. Even if your body is not in pain, doing this can aggravate the injuries on the head, spine, neck, and general body.

4. Take Photos or/and Videos at the Scene

Thousands of people die globally out of motorcycle accidents. That is why it’s crucial to observe the safety rules and regulations on the road. If you happen to suffer in an accident, ensure you take photos and videos of the scene with your smartphone. Don’t depend on your memory bank to remember the details of the accident. It might fail you. Even if you manage to take a few photos or videos, it will make all the difference in your settlement award and before the jury. Capture the damage caused on the bike, skid marks, location, and the general environs of the area. In case the other road user flees, try to memorize their license number plate, the model, and the color of their bike or motor vehicle. This will help in tracking down the other party.

5. Exchange Contacts

Once involved in an accident, ensure you exchange contact with the other participant. Get their full names, contact, driver’s license, policy number, insurance company, and license plate number. Get the contacts of any eyewitnesses who might be willing to testify on the matter. This will be of great help to your attorney going down the line.  

6. Remain Calm

It’s hard to keep composed after a motorcycle accident. It might be easier said than done to remain calm, but it’s always impossible. An accident is no child’s play. With the possibility of developing into post-traumatic stress, an array of emotions could pop up wildly out of shock from the accident. Losing your temper gadgets may seem to be the only way out to release your anger. Most people tend to yell at other motorists after an accident. Though difficult, try as much as possible to stay calm and easy as you wait for the paramedics.

7. Avoid Confrontation

The last thing you want to do is fight your opponent after the accident. Most people tend to engage in this uncouth behavior, throwing words at each other in what seems to be a blame game. Avoid angrily confronting the other motorist. Simply stay cool.

A motorcycle accident can be devastating. In a blink of an eye, your life can change for the worse depending on grievousness. Adhering to safety rules is probably the best thing you can do to keep away from this horrifying traumatic experience. In case you, unfortunately, get into one, the above few pointers can help you get back on your feet and to your life.