Things Nobody Tells You about Owning a Pet

Since time immemorial, humans have domesticated and kept animals for various reasons. One of those reasons is that some animals serve as friends and companions, and these are what we call pets. No matter the reason behind owning the pet, choosing one for you or your family can be a daunting task. Currently, there are a lot of pets to choose from, including cats, dogs, bunnies, fish, and many others. Each of these pets has distinct factors you need to consider before owning one. There is a lot of information about why you should own a pet that easily influences and sways a potential pet owner.

Before you pick up that cute kitten that you pass on the street or envy that celebrity with an adorable dog, pinch yourself back to reality. Here is a compiled list of the things that nobody will tell you about owning a pet. When the need for owning a pet overwhelms you, go through this list and decide on the right path.

1. Pets can be cumbersome 

Most pets, especially while young, can be very noisy, stubborn or aggressive. More often than not, this may occur due to hunger, pain, or boredom. Sometimes they’re just in need of some TLC so they’re seeking attention. This, however, subsides as the pets get to maturity. Different breeds of pets can have varying degrees of aggression and need to be handled with care. 

Before owning any pet, make sure you have the tolerance and patience to handle him or her in case he/she turns out to be a bit aggressive. Most importantly, it’s important to make sure your pet’s necessities and essential supplies are in order. Now, for your furry friend who likes pooping everywhere and lying even where he/she is not supposed to, Mike Powell from the Dog Embassy suggests getting him a crate or a litter box. Ideally, this is somewhere they can mark as their territory. In addition to this, pooches also need regular walking to keep them fit and healthy. They have animal instincts that when not considered, can make them nervous, anxious, or aggressive. You don’t want to live with an aggressive four-legged, or do you? 

2. Commitment is a must 

Owning a pet can be a full-time gig since they need constant attention, companionship, and welfare in terms of food, healthcare, and grooming. Similarly, some pets can have a long life span of 10 years and above. Make sure you have the time and space and that you’re willing to commit to your pet as long as he’s alive. It’s actually the reason why you would break your wallet to hire a pet nanny (forget the bad language for now) and be comfortable with parting with your hard-earned cash to take care of your furry friend. 

3. Pets Can be High-Maintenance

Just like humans, pets have needs like food, shelter, and security. Similarly, you as the pet owner needs to know the medical needs of your pet, such as health checks or vaccines they might need. Some pet food for basic but balanced diet can be quite costly as well. Also, training pets is sometimes necessary, especially if the pet is around kids or physically challenged adults. Hiring a professional trainer for your pet can be similarly costly. However, it will help to keep your animals tamed, disciplined, and well-mannered to take commands. 

4. Pets Carry Allergens


Animal fur or dander can cause respiratory allergies to some people, especially babies and small children. Additionally, there are also adults with allergic reactions to pet fur, odor, or the mere sight of one. Some pets shed fur more, especially when they are being groomed. This can pose a health risk to you or your family, especially if you are not armed with the appropriate allergy preventive measures. Before owning a pet, it is a healthy move to find out with your physician if you or any other family member is allergic to animal fur.

5. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Yes, you heard it right! Most pet owners make the mistake of getting a pet because a neighbor, a family member or celebrity owns one. The idea is to get a pet that is unique to you, your family and most importantly, your lifestyle. Pets require constant attention from you or a proxy and with the current busy schedules and requirements, owning a pet can be somewhat tricky.


Pets can be great sources of love, comfort, companionship and even be part of your best memories or moments in life. However, you should carry out extensive research either online, seek advice from other experienced pet owners as well as a trusted, certified veterinarian before you get one. Be armed with this information, and if you decide to own a pet, you will find it rewarding not to forget that pets are so cute.