Things You Need To Do When Considering a Disability Application

There are many reasons which lead to a person becoming disabled. You can either be born with a disability or become disabled due to accidents, diseases, or other causes. If newly disabled, you might be wondering how the disability application process goes and who qualifies for it. The Social Security Disability Insurance – SSDI assists people who are disabled. However, to be among the beneficiaries, you need to submit your application for consideration. Before applying, there are things to do and questions to ask yourself. 

If considering making the application, here are some questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are fit for the benefits.

  • Do I need assistance in making the application?

First, the Social Security Disability claims process has so many complicated terms and procedures that you can’t handle independently. The terms might make you feel you aren’t fit for the claims when you are fit and vice versa. Experts advise seeking legal advice from experts who understand this process and its requirements. A social security lawyer will guide you through the conditions and will help you with the application process if you are fit to join. If you greatly feel that you need assistance from the organization and have everything required, it’s important to get a lawyer who will help you tackle the other steps.

  • Is the condition disabling enough?

At times, you might not answer this question by yourself unless guided by an expert. You might be disabled enough to get assistance from the Social Security Disability claims, but there are other criteria you aren’t fit for. In most cases, individuals suffering from seen disabilities, including spinal cord injuries, are readily accepted into the organization. Those with unseen illnesses and injuries find it hard to get admitted into claims. Mental disorders, chronic pain, and severe anxiety are conditions that require scrutiny before one gets accommodated into the organization. The condition you might be having might or might not get accommodated by the organization. Before making the application, it’s important to check on yourself and see if you are disabled enough to receive the claims. This idea avoids you going through a tedious application process and then getting rejected at the last minute. 

  • Is the condition severe to keep you out of work for a year?

Disability application is only for individuals who are 100% disabled and not those partially impaired. This situation means you should verify your disability to be permanent to receive the claims. You will have to provide to the board proven documents from reputable healthcare showing that you can’t work for at least 12 months with such a situation. Individuals who are partially disabled and can return to work before a year do not need to apply. Why is sit so? The board will automatically reject the application. 

A good example is when you suffer an organ replacement. If the condition heals before a year ends without complications, your application will get rejected by the board. It’s important to assess your condition and see if you qualify for these claims.

  • Are you able to work in any capacity?

You might be disabled in one area, but you can work in other capacities. If this is your situation, then you don’t have to make the disability application. When you don’t fit the Blue Book Listing Criteria, the board can recommend you to lighter duties or consider a medical-vocational allowance. How will they do this? The board will access and determine your residual functional capacity and see how well you can function with your disability. They will then see if you can still work on your previous job or fit in another non-strenuous job with the condition you are in. If you don’t want to undergo this process, it’s important to make your assessment before applying.  

  • Does your work history qualify for the claims?

Not everyone receives disability claims. In most cases, only individuals insured with Social Security Disability programs qualify for the SSDI benefits. These are the individuals who have worked and remitted their taxes through the Social Security Disability Insurance Program. Are you among the members? You will need to ask yourself this question before making the application to earn the claims. Also, these claims depend on the number of years you have worked, the amount of contribution made, and your age. The boards’ determination will also see you if you will get the claims, depending on your condition.

It is important to ask yourself the above questions before making any disability application. This questioning process will guide you into knowing whether you qualify for the claims or not. It is also important to hire a social security lawyer who will guide you through the process and overcome some limitations.