Top 10 Tips For Creating a Game Room

We know what you’re thinking – it’s high time you got to work on that game room you’ve been dreaming of for years. Before you rush out and by brand new furniture and all the electronics money can buy, have a read of our top ten tips for crafting your dream game room.

1 –Choose a suitable location

First things first, which room are you going to choose? Do you have a basement, a den, or a bedroom that doesn’t get used? If so, these are perfect locations. Ideally you want your game haven to be away from the busier parts of the house, like the living room or kitchen, so you can completely relax.

2 – What do you want from your game room?

Is your game room exclusively going to be used for poker games with the boys? Or are you keen to get your computer console set up, or finally buy that pool table you’ve been Googling? Once you figure out what purpose you want the room to serve, creating it will be far easier.

3 – Furnish the room accordingly

It’s important not to over clutter the game room because you want to ensure you’re gaming in comfort. With this in mind, try not to cram too much into your space.

Game Room
Game Room 1

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4 –Mood lighting

Next, you need to consider how you’ll light the room. There’s no point having a poker table, or air hockey table, if you can’t see what you’re doing! Make sure that any game tables are under the glow of light, and that the rest of the space is lit with ambient light.

5 – Flexible seating

Some days you may be alone in your game room, other times, it’ll be a crowded space. With this in mind, we recommend investing in furniture that doubles up as seating when the whole gang turn up. Ottoman’s and stools are perfect for this, as they can be moved around the space as and when you need to. Plus, they don’t take up too much room.

6 – Entertainment

A game room isn’t complete without a TV to play your games through, to watch sport on, or to watch the latest film. Should the budget stretch, why not invest in a surround sound system that’s guaranteed to make your movies, sports and games all that more immersive.

Game Room 2
Game Room 2

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7 – The perfect bar

The last thing you want when you’re cutting loose is to have to go to the kitchen every time you need a fresh beer. Should you have the space and budget, consider installing a beer fridge, or even a full bar. Remember to hoard some snacks too!

8 – Old School Classics

A poker table and pool table are all very well, but you can win extra points with your mates by bringing in the old school classics. We’re talking Street Fighter, Pac-Man, or even a retro pinball machine. There’s no need to stop there, should you have the cash, invest in neon signs, a jukebox, or recruit an arty friend to create a customised mural for you.

9 – Décor

This is your space to make your own, which means you can indulge all of those fantasies of how you’d like to decorate. Perhaps you love a particular sports team? If so, use the space to let people know that by displaying your collection of memorabilia. This is your space, it should reflect your tastes.

Game Room 3
Game Room 3

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10 – A place to keep score

Finally, you need somewhere to keep score, because after all, what’s a game room without a little friendly competition? Get those scores up on a board, so you always know who you’re looking to knock off the top spot.