Top Online Banks for Business: Ranked

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right online bank for your business. You need to find one that offers the features and services you need while being affordable and easy to use. There are a lot of online banks out there, so how do you know which is right for you? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten digital banks for businesses based on affordability, features, and customer satisfaction.

1. Soldo

Soldo is a new spending account that gives businesses and their employees the freedom and flexibility to spend money however they want. There are no restrictions or limits on what can be purchased, and no need to keep track of receipts or submit expense reports.

Plus, Soldo is affordable – costs are based on the number of employees in your organization and not on your average monthly transactions. And it’s easy to use, with a mobile app that allows you to manage spending, monitor expenses, and add new users in minutes. Soldo is perfect for small businesses that want to streamline their spending process, as Soldo fees are all-inclusive. That means there are no additional fees or charges for currency conversions.

2. Simple Bank

There are a lot of online banks out there, but Simple Bank is one of the best. It’s been around since 2009 and has a reputation for being reliable and user-friendly. One of the things that make Simple Bank so great is its features. It offers everything you need in a bank, including checking accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. Plus, the fees are lower than most other banks, making it an affordable option for small businesses on a tight budget. In addition, there are no minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees.

3. Ally Bank

Ally Bank is one of the most popular online banks, and for a good reason. It offers a variety of features, including checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). You can also open a business account with Ally Bank, which has the same features as personal accounts. Plus, there are no hidden fees or charges – you know what you’re getting when you sign up.

The customer service at Ally Bank is also top-notch, with a 24/7 helpline and multiple ways to get in touch. And the online banking experience is one of the best around, making it easy to manage your accounts and keep track of transactions. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable digital bank with all the necessary features, then Ally Bank is worth considering.

4. BenefitWallet

BenefitWallet is one of the best online banks for businesses that offer employee benefits and rewards programs. It’s a powerful platform that allows you to purchase almost anything – including flights, hotels, event tickets, gift cards, restaurants, and more. Users can even request cash in exchange for unused reward points.

What makes BenefitWallet stand out is its flexibility – you can use it to buy almost anything you want. For instance, if you’re going to gift an employee with a hotel or flight, you can do that through BenefitWallet. You can also use it for your expenses, as well as for business purchases and expenses.

5. BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass is another great online bank for small businesses, thanks to its affordable fees and many features. It offers a full suite of banking products, including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, credit cards, retirement plans, and more. And if you have any questions or problems, the customer support team is ready and willing to help.

BBVA offers several benefits for businesses, including discounted rates on business loans and lines of credit, zero fees on reordering checks, and more. If you’re looking for an online bank that offers great features and services at an affordable price, BBVA Compass is worth considering.

6. Capital One Spark Business

Capital One is well-known for its banking products, but did you know that it also offers business accounts? Capital One Spark Business is the ideal choice if you need a bank that can handle both your personal and business finances. It has all the features you need to manage your business – checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and more. And one of the best things about Capital One Spark Business is its user-friendly mobile app, which makes it easy to manage your finances on the go.


All of the banks on this list are excellent choices for businesses of all sizes. They offer a wide range of financial services, they have no hidden fees or charges, and their customer service teams are always happy to help. So if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable online bank that can meet all your business needs, any of these six banks will do the trick.