Top Technologies to use by Millennial Students in College


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Millennials are distinguished by these cultural traits:

  • They feel and act “special”
  • It’s a generation that’s been sheltered from daily risks
  • In general, Millennials have confident and optimistic personalities
  • They are team-oriented
  • Millennials accept cultural differences

Based on these common characteristics, it’s easy to identify what type of technology Millennials can use to simplify their life in college.

This is a generation that grew up with all sorts of tech wonders. They love computers, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, game consoles, robots, and all other technology that surrounds us. Without access to it, they would feel lost.

Instead of blaming technology for lack of focus, bad research paper writing skills, and poor time management, we could embrace its good sides.

We’ll list the top technologies that Millennials can use to become better college students.

Best Technologies for Millennials at College

  1. Smart Watches

Millennials feel very strongly about their fitness routines. There’s a trend of mind-body exercise that’s driving the generation forward. It’s what makes them feel more mindful and more “special” than previous generations.

These people want to be in tune with their bodies, listen to their needs, and act accordingly.

You’ll see students jogging around campus first thing in the morning. They are willing to wake up early, do their exercise, and prepare for class after that.

That’s why they love smart watches so much.

This technology is super-useful for monitoring body functions during exercise. It helps them track their fitness goals. They keep track of sleep, pulse, calories burned, and distance walked or ran. It’s not a random watch; it’s a valuable piece of technology that encourages students to stay healthy.

  1. An Essay Writing Service

Millennials have been sheltered from risks. They were born in difficult times, so their parents tried to protect them in any way possible. When they face the first serious challenges at college, they become overwhelmed. It’s common for a student to be thinking: “I’m so stuck that I really wish someone would explaint to me how to write research paper right now.” Such online services exist, and an original paper is literally a click away.

There aren’t any official statistics on how many students get homework help online, since these services are confidential. One thing is for sure: there’s no such thing as a free essay and research paper writer. Academic writing costs money, and college students are willing to spend it.

The writing industry is thriving at this moment. Whenever a student gets stuck, they can hire a writing tutor to guide them through a project.

  1. YouTube

Millennials have strong, optimistic, and confident personalities. It’s no wonder why they currently rule YouTube. People from this generation have some of the most popular channels on coding, gaming, makeup, lifestyle, and all other categories.

College students can use YouTube as a great source of income. If they feel comfortable talking to a camera and communicating with the online community, starting a channel is a great idea. They can share insights from life at college, as well as tips that help people fit in.

  1. Google Docs

Group projects are a huge part of higher education. Fortunately, most Millennials don’t mind them at all. This is a generation oriented towards teamwork. They place common goals ahead of their personal needs. When you place them in a functional team, they shine.

Google Docs is the simplest, yet most effective tool that Millennial students can use for collaboration on team projects. It enables every member of the team to edit the same document, and it shows different versions before the final edit. It shows who wrote what, so everyone’s contributions to the project are evident. The chat feature is awesome; it eliminates the need for endless email threads.

  1. Social Media

Millennials are at their best when found in diverse environments. With international students attending universities more than ever, they are willing to connect with people from different cultures. Social media is an extension of that campus environment.

They can use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with people around the world. Let’s not forget Airbnb, although the service isn’t viewed as a social media site. It still enables students to explore the world outside their comfort zone.

Technology Is Good!

Older generation tend to view technology as a distraction. It’s not. Millennials can surely be distracted by it. They may be scrolling through Instagram on their phones instead of listening to the professor. They may spend a night in gaming instead of working on a paper. But when they intend to use technology the right way, they know how to do that.

Smart watches, essay services, YouTube, Google Docs, and social media are quite useful. They help students to cope with daily challenges. When college becomes too hard, they don’t think about giving up. They would rather think: “What tool should I use to overcome this challenge?” That’s the mindset that makes them successful!


BIO: Ray Campbell is a writer, blogger, and editor. He fell in love with writing thanks to a college professor, who convinced him that essays are more fun than what most people assume. Since then, Ray has been exploring academic writing and blogging as ways to express his opinions and arguments.