10 Places in Slovakia That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

Slovakia is a beautiful country in Central Europe that has some incredible castles, long history and amazing treasured nature. Its National Parks are a paradise for travelers who enjoy natural beauty, and for those who love to hike through enchanted forests.

On the other hand, Slovakia has quite a few castles crown on top of hills, over watching the country such as Orava Castle and Spiš Castle.

For a country that’s considered one of the smallest in Europe, it sure has a lot in store as far as world heritage sites go. There are more than 6000 caves and the country’s magic expands across its lakes and High Tatras mountains. Below we’re trying to gather the very best of the fairy tale places of Slovakia.

What’s the most magical spot of Slovakia for you fellow lazy penguins?

10. Demänovská Valley

Demänovská Valley
Demänovská Valley

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