Travel Deal Sites 2017: Next Vacay Review

There is no shortage of technology that has the ability to search many online travel sites to help get you started with your traveling plan.

But it’s rare to find a website that makes it easy to find the best travel deals in terms of cost, and which are suitable for your needs.

Where some sites may help find flights, accommodation and vehicle rental options, they are still just options that you would need to wade through to select the best prices. With Next Vacay though, you only get the travel deals that offer the lowest prices and which are relevant for you.

This review demonstrates how Next Vacay is different from any other online service, and how it can help save you time, effort and best of all, money.

What Is Next Vacay?

Next Vacay is a relatively new travel deal site created by husband and wife team, Naveen and Shaylee Dittakavi.


The husband (Naveen) and wife (Shaylee) team who founded Next Vacay to make their own lives easier.

It was born out of a need for efficiency; a system that automatically searches airfare sites to locate the best deals in the world, in the least amount of time.

Having first tested the system for 6 months themselves, they’ve flown to India for $300 each and Barcelona for $600 each.

Once they saw the system was working well for themselves, they began inviting some of their friends to participate in further testing.

After positive feedback from their friends too, they began rolling the service out to the public.

How Did Next Vacay Begin?

Over the Christmas period in 2013, Naveen – one of the founders of Next Vacay – came across a travel deal on Facebook to India for $300, but which usually cost $1500.

Of course they took advantage of the deal.

And once it was booked, the couple developed an obsession for “crazy travel deal” websites.

They became aware that traveling at rock bottom prices was a possibility, but to do so would require them to become enslaved to cheap travel deal sites.

The excitement wore off pretty fast, and despair set in; how much time would they need to scout sites, wading through irrelevant deals, to find something suitable for them?

And that is how the Next Vacay system was birthed, to find deals and send alerts only if a deal was applicable.

Who Is Next Vacay Good For?

  • Those who travel regularly.
  • Those who want a good deal but don’t want to do the shlogwork of finding them.
  • Those who need to travel on short notice.

How Does Next Vacay Work?

  • Go to
  • Type the name of the airport closest to where you are located.

  • Once the button is clicked (in the above example, the visitor can click on “show me how this works” so that you get an idea of, well, how the software works), the technology searches databases and systems for travel deals that are suitable for you.
  • Click on the deals it comes up with. In this case, a search for Melbourne Australia retrieved these deals:

  • If you find a travel deal that is suitable, you are able to book the flight directly with the airline. You also receive an email with all the relevant deals:

What Are The Benefits?

If you’ve searched for the most affordable travel deals before, you’ll know how time consuming that can be. With Next Vacay, there’s not much work on your part. Simply enter your closest airport and the system spits out the best deals.

Once you give the technology your specifications, you can forget about it (but keep a tab on your inbox, because you’ll get an email instantly alerting you to relevant deals as they happen).

Another helpful service they provide is to include instructions as to how to book the flight directly with the airline. They don’t act as a third party, so there are no trust issues, because you pay the airline directly, which cuts out all risk from your side.

The other difference is that every deal their system picks up is vetted first; the system does not give their customers deals that have not been checked by the owners first.

Is There A Trial Period?

You can test the system for an entire month without paying a cent. They also say that if you join and don’t get any deals you approve of within 6 months, they’ll give you a refund.

What Is The Cost?

It only costs $25 a year. This membership includes an unlimited amount of deals.


Next Vacay was born out of a need for affordable travel options, and as a way to save time searching for the best online deals.

Next Vacay sorts and finds the best travel deals based on your closest airport.

The technology is is helpful for those who travel frequently, want good deals but don’t want to spend hours researching, and those who need a quick travel solution at the best pricel.

There are no risks for their customers who are offered one month’s free trial period, and if they don’t like any of the deals over a period of six months, their customers get a full, no-questions-asked refund.