Types Of Trade Show Exhibits And Displays

Trade shows sure can be more fun than digital marketing or online promotions owing to the cornucopia of exhibits and displays that make these shows interesting and worth the time. Whether it’s a tiny portable trade show display or a customized modular exhibit, a company’s brand and products are best presented to the audience through their use, accentuating the customer experience to a new level.

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Trade shows are a handy marketing tool that organizations use to connect with their customers and showcase their merchandise. Here’s a description of the different types of exhibit and display solutions for your event marketing needs.

Island Exhibits

These type of exhibits are open to all four sides and typically measure 20’ x 20’. Depending on the type of trade show, hanging structures or promotional units of various sizes may be positioned above an island exhibit. Before selecting one, ensure you have the floor plan clearly crafted to get the right layout for your event. You can seek guidance regarding island exhibit layouts and even order one from ExpoMarketing.

Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show display types are best suited to first-time exhibitors, as they are inexpensive and fast. Firms who have a meager budget for a tradeshow or exhibitors looking for the quick shipping of exhibit and setup of their booth can benefit from these displays. These type of exhibits tend to have a poignant impact on the audience because they present the promotional accessories and content as good as a completely customized exhibit.

This also aids in augmenting the brand image and value providing a deeper connection with the customers or audience. They can be easily assembled and setup, as they are built from lightweight materials ranging in size from 8ft to 20ft. Exhibitors can get them customized by using printed marketing material and with things like kiosks and counters or tabletops.

Inline Exhibits

A linear exhibit or inline exhibit usually has one or more additional exhibits positioned on the flank’s surface or its rear. A common inline display solution is a perimeter booth usually situated along the outer wall lining of an arena’s floor or an event floor. They typically have a back wall height of 8’ and measure 10’ x 20’.

Peninsula Exhibits

These type of exhibits or booths generally share one side with another exhibit, while the other three sides are open to the aisles. Promotional content such as graphics and images used on the shared side of the exhibit should not contain any trademarks like logos, merchandise or advertisements. Peninsula Exhibits can be used with hanging structures for exhibits with sizes above 20’ x 20’ or larger.

Prefabricated or Customized Modular Trade Show Displays

These are customized, refined and pre-built versions of trade show displays that have been manufactured using standardized building units. These are tailored according to the exhibitor’s specific requirements and needs relative to the trade show objectives. Customized modular trade show displays come in different textures, modern designs, pictorial varieties and metallic extrusions. These exhibit solutions come equipped with a modular base kit that can be used by the exhibitor to easily set up the design for the event without any hassle.