Watching Movies vs Reading Books – What to Choose

Nowadays, there is a very large selection of books of various genres and subjects. There is an opportunity to experiment and find a writing style that will become your favorite. Books are the main means of acquiring knowledge. With the help of books, we get information for reflection, enrich our inner world, and improve our culture.

The main difference between books and movies is that the book greatly contributes to the development of the human imagination. There is an opportunity to invent characters, the setting, and the world that is described on paper. Perception of information takes place on the basis of already acquired knowledge. When watching movies, a person perceives what he/she sees and draws conclusions, but there is no such basis for the development of imagination as in books. 

With the help of books and films, we learn to understand the world around us and ourselves in the world. But what is better: watching movies or reading books? Some people confidently choose reading instead of watching tv because they find it more accessible. But in fact, it is not quite so. It is often much more difficult to find the right book than the movie. By using VPN Israel, you can access any movie content you need. Let’s consider the main advantages and disadvantages of literature and cinemas.

Reading Books: Pros and Cons

Man reading book in the bedroom

There are several main reasons why you should read books:

  • Variety. There is a large assortment of publications today, so everyone can choose a suitable one;
  • Enrichment of one’s own speech. With the help of a book, you can replenish your vocabulary, especially when learning foreign languages;
  • Personal development. The book is a means of comprehensive and harmonious personality development.

Despite the advantages of reading books, there are certain difficulties that a person may encounter:

  • Free time. Reading books usually takes a long time. This is what becomes an obstacle for many people;
  • Deterioration of vision. Improper use of book publications can lead to visual impairment;
  • The difficulty of written language. There are books written in very complicated language, which is not always clear to the reader;
  • Cost. The cost of some publications is quite high today.

Watching Movies Using VPN for TV: For and Against


The main advantages of watching movies using a free trial VPN:

  • Relaxation. Movies provide an opportunity to let the brain rest and the body relax;
  • Motivation. Many films are based on real events. While watching them through VPN servers, a person is motivated not to give up in difficult situations;
  • Informativeness. By accessing a wide range of movies with VeePN, you can learn about certain inventions, prominent figures, the culture of different continents, etc.

In addition to positive features, films also have negative ones that are important to consider:

  • Psychological influence. It is not rare to see hidden advertising in the cinema, which subconsciously affects the human psyche;
  • Decreased mental activity. Prolonged excessive consumption of movies depresses the human brain.

Books vs Movies: Concluding Remarks

As we can see, watching movies via VPN for TV and reading books have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has the right to choose leisure independently. If you have a rich inner world, value self-development, and love to fantasize, then you should choose a book. If you like movement, energy, and don’t have much free time to enjoy reading a book, then the movie will undoubtedly suit you. A free trial VPN will allow you to enjoy your favorite movie at any convenient time. VeePN will also securely protect your privacy while browsing.