What to do if you are bitten by a dog

Dogs are not always the loveable floppy balls of fluff everybody knows and loves, in some situations, they can become aggressive and sometimes bite. This can be down to poor training, aggressive owners, being frightened, being neglected, or being abused. This article aims to aid you in everything from contacting a good lawyer such as Lamber Goodnow Dog Bite Lawyers,  to washing and cleaning any dog bites where the skin has been broken.

Wash the wound
Infection is the biggest concern if you have been bitten by a pooch especially if it’s an unknown pup. If a dog has broken your skin run warm tap water over, it for 5-10 minutes and use mild soap.

Slow down or stop any bleeding
Using a clean cloth place it on the bite area and apply pressure. If the blood is continuous and not showing any signs of slowing, go to a doctor.

Go to a doctor
It’s best with any worry of infection to go to a doctor to get things checked out. Seek some hospital treatment if it is required. The detailing of your injuries will be included in your records which will help with any evidence you may have to put forward for a compensation claim.

Find the dog’s owner
If possible you should find out who owns the dog and take down their details including name and address. This will help you with any claim.

Get the details of any witnesses
Should you have to take legal action it is invaluable to have eyewitnesses to the incident. If anyone was witness to the dog attack, ask them to provide their name and address.

Find out if the dog has insurance
If the dog that bit you is insured it will significantly increase the chances of you recovering some compensation. Find out if the dog is insured by the owner, if the dog has bitten you on private property ask for some insurance details from the owner. If it is private property, the incident could be covered by home insurance. However, if it is a public place, it may be insured by public liability insurance. If you can get the insurance companies and policy numbers, that will be very helpful.

Write down what happened
To ensure you have the facts straight it may be useful to take some notes for any questioning or evidence at a later date. Everyone’s minds get a little foggy the further the incident becomes from the present; this is why it’s useful to have notes to refer back to. If the injury is too serious to write anything down at the time, we recommend that you do as soon as you are feeling capable.

Call the cops
If the incident is serious and you are suffering with a significant injury then we recommend you call the police as soon as possible. They will be able to help note the information listed above.

Take pictures
Not only should you take pictures of your injuries for evidence you should also take pictures of your surroundings. There have been many cases where owners of the dog have put up warning signs, beware of the dog signs, or private property signs up after the incident had occurred. It is very important to take pictures of the entire area particularly if you are there to make a delivery. Photograph the gate, fence, door, and letterbox. These could be essential pieces of evidence in your claim.

Keep your receipts
If you make a claim, you can be entitled to claim for expenses as well as the claim of compensation for injury. The expenses can include traveling, treatment, and medication. It will need to be proven expenses using receipts and invoices to back up your claims.

Care outside of the hospital
If your partner, mother, or friend has to care for you to complete tasks you would otherwise be able to do if it weren’t for the injuries then there may be room for a claim for the service or care provided. If you plan on making this claim it is vitally important you make clear records of what they have done for you including time and dates.

Dog Bites
So if you find yourself in a position of getting bitten by a dog remember to get the wound clean first and foremost. Assess your safety, be aware of your surroundings by taking notes on the people and pictures of the area, and if it is a serious incident call the police and seek medical attention immediately.