Why Are Casino Game Streams an Evergreen in the History of Television

While it is true there are fewer casinos that offer live-streamed games as opposed to live dealers, this is a common misconception. Live casino game streaming has been around for a number of years, and the history behind its evergreen nature isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should be.

A little history

Casino game streaming first became a thing after a certain individual from Yarmouth, Great Britain by the name of Richard W. Munchkin went to Reno, Nevada in or around 1973, while employed by a sizable company called Western Electric.

While in Reno, Mr. Munchkin quickly found himself being surrounded by casino games – many of which allowed him to play without actually putting any money into the machine itself. Munchkin was able to eventually speak with one of the operators, who explained how he could use his home computer to calculate the odds of any given game.

As it came to light, much of what Munchkin had been playing for years was pure sheer luck. It was at this moment that Mr. Munchkin decided, if he was going to gamble, to do so legally and with an understanding of the odds.

Munchkin would also be the first to criticize casinos for not being honest about their odds, as well as how they advertise the games. Additionally, he would also be one of the first to speak out on casinos not reporting accurate crime statistics or accounting for all of their income and expenditures.

Why live casino game streaming continues to dominate television

The world of television has always had casino game streaming for viewers. However, while casinos have long since adapted to the 21st century with their online counterparts, these games hadn’t made their way onto television until relatively recently. Now that they’re here, they’ve become a mainstay for gamers and spectators alike. 

The following is a dive into why live casino game streaming continues to dominate television screens. Professional gambling is all about perception, and live casino game streaming presents a more realistic image for players who are used to playing their favorite all jackpot games virtually. This stands in stark contrast with the computer-generated table that appears on online platforms, where roulette balls roll unnaturally across an ersatz wheel that looks like something out of The Flintstones.

Live casino game streaming comes with all of the staples, such as the roulette wheel, blackjack table, and slot machines, without any of the virtual distractions. Everything is presented to players as it would be in a land-based environment; right down to the background music that lends the games their atmosphere. While it may seem like an inconsequential detail, the fact is that players are more familiar with real-life tables than they are with virtual ones.

Understanding casino game streaming

The advantage of live casino game streaming comes down to familiarity. Players who have no experience whatsoever will find it difficult to get into a virtual table because there’s nothing remotely similar in the real world. There aren’t any physical cues to go by, and the game tends to become abstract in a way that can be off-putting for any newcomers.

It comes as no surprise then that live casino game streaming has managed to capture television viewers on its web because it’s just so much easier to understand. Gamers are able to take in the whole scene at once because there are no distractions or confusion, and it’s that simplicity that has made this type of platform so successful.

Live casino game streaming also came at just the right time. Players have gotten used to being able to play their favorite games wherever they go, thus the popularity of smartphones. Where players once had to sit at home playing on a console or computer, they can now play from anywhere as long as they have a connection.

However, not everyone was able to carry their console around with them. Even though smartphones had made their way into mainstream culture, they were still largely toying for the more affluent members of society until recently. Gamers who didn’t want to go out could no longer play with friends or run tournaments because there was nowhere to go; live casino game streaming filled this void perfectly.

Spreading one’s net wide enough to capture all gamers with varying degrees of familiarity was the key to becoming a success. If a casino stream had struck out and only caught players who were already familiar with virtual tables, they wouldn’t have had nearly as many viewers. The next step is for brands to figure out how to monetize these captive audiences so that they can continue on this upward climb.

If you just want to know the answer to that title question without reading too much into it then it’s simply this: The real reason why live casino game streaming has become such a predominant form of televised gambling lies in its inherent simplicity.