Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated Fridays of the year where people go crazy to reach the best deals on their favorite products and finish their Christmas shopping. Black Friday follows Thanksgiving and has become the celebration with the most purchases made in the United States. However, many do not know the reason for its name.

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The Meaning Behind Black Friday

According to the BBC, the term “Black Friday” was used for the first time in 1860, but at that time, its meaning was very different from today. “Black Friday” was used to refer to misfortunes and in that year, it was used to define the fact that prices fell on the New York Stock Exchange. That said, it is said that its original concept was born in 1961 when pre-Christmas shopping in Philadelphia caused a lot of traffic and the cops, irritated by this, decided to name the day Black Friday. The most impressive offers during this day are usually in the area of ​​technology, although the other departments also reduce their prices considerably. When does Black Friday end? Black Friday ends on Sunday.