Why Is It Called Boxing Day?

The Boxing Day is a UK holiday and is celebrated on December 26th. There are several versions about the name of this celebration. However, the most popular is that on the day after Christmas, the domestic servants brought home boxes of food and gifts, which were left over from their masters’ Christmas dinner. This was the occasion when those could go home to share the presents with their loved ones.

Celebrating Boxing Day at Home

Additionally, since then, this holiday is also dedicated to sports, families go to the stadiums to go to see a game the next day. Frequently, the sporting events that take place are between teams from the same city to avoid a long displacement of the fans, although this does not apply in all cases.

In addition to football, the celebration is present in different sports such as cricket, rugby or horse racing. ‘Boxing Day’ is a very familiar date, in which donations of clothing and money accompany the sporting event.