Why Private Jet Travel is Likely to Become More Accessible in the Coming Years

Imagine travelling to your next business meeting, or your luxury getaway in a private jet. Well, in the not too distant future it could be a reality.

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Whilst private jets have long been used solely by the rich and famous, they’re now starting to appeal to both businesses and the public. Here, we’ll look at why private jet travel is likely to become more accessible in the coming years.

The rise in private jet frequent flyer schemes

One thing which is making private jet charter more attainable, is the rise in frequent flyer programs. Several private jet charter airlines offer schemes which make hiring a jet more affordable. The terms and conditions will vary so it’s worth looking into them before signing up for a specific program.

These types of schemes are especially ideal for those who plan on flying frequently. The most beneficial schemes are the membership schemes which offer annual private jet charters for a set annual cost.

Empty leg seat offers

Another thing which has brought the cost of private jet chartering down is empty leg seats. You’ll find empty leg seats are offered by even the top private jet chartering companies. They’re basically flights which are already schedules and they take off/arrive at specific destinations.

You can set alerts, as well as browse current empty leg seats which meet your specific requirements. As the jet is already flying to the destination, empty seats are sold off at much more affordable prices.

Competition in the sector is increasing

Another thing which is set to make private jet chartering even more accessible in the years to come, is the amount of competition in the sector. There’s new private airlines continuously entering into the market, causing even the bigger airlines to price their services more competitively.

The lack of reliability in the commercial flight sector is also helping to drive more private jet companies to offer competitive pricing. Passengers know when they choose a private jet charter, it’s going to be much more reliable and more importantly, faster than travelling on a commercial flight.

These are just some of the main reasons private jet travel is likely to become more accessible in the coming years. Whilst it will unlikely ever be thought of as a standard mode of travel, private jets are finally a realistic option for special occasions and business travel.