3 Things to consider when buying CBD hemp oil

With the growing popularity of the beneficial CBD component of the cannabis plant, so many vendors have emerged most of whom are fake and only keen on pushing sales to the unsuspecting public. Before buying that CBD product you have to ensure that it is the right compound. Firstly, you have to buy from a reliable supplier, someone who has been in the business for some time and with a name. As a first time buyer, you may not understand how to go about it and that’s why reading this article will help you know things to consider.

The extraction method

Unlike many other plants, cannabis is a sensitive one and the method of extraction matters most. There are several methods of extracting CBD oil and many consumers don’t know how to enquire on the same when buying from online dispensary Canada. That is why many companies have taken advantage of the ignorance of many consumers and now use cheap extraction methods that involve dangerous toxic solvents like hexane, pentane, butane and such with highly flammable hydrocarbon gases – is this what you want to consume? Cannabidiol extracted through such neutral toxic solvents can easily compromise your immune system. Thus, you must be aware of companies that will try to convince you that such extraction methods are safe and they’re not. The safest way of extracting CBD oil is Carbon dioxide extraction where the gas is subjected to high pressure and low temperatures. This method is a bit expensive but it’s the surest way to maintain the purity of the medicinal oil.

Source of the plant

Cannabis is a hyperaccumulator meaning that it easily absorbs contaminants from the soil where it grows. It is used in bioremediation, a plant-based approach to cleaning the environment of organic pollutants and toxic metals. That tells you if the plant is grown in an environment that is polluted; chances are that the CBD oil product will have heavy metals like lead and mercury which could lead to even death. Thus, when buying CBD hemp oil, you must pay attention to the source, find out where the plant was grown and shun products that you are not sure about the source. Get a brand that has a verified source of the hemp plant and which is regulated by the government’s relevant body. 


The amount of CBD oil available in a product matters a lot when it comes to its effectiveness in the body. When buying this plant, you must confirm the percentage that is available and if the hemp product was processed in a way that makes the cannabinoids available. You also need to understand which way of consumption allows for maximum uptake of the product; is it vaping, sublingual or under the tongue? If you take it through the topical or ingestion method, chances of absorption are low. When you want to buy Hash online from a reliable dispensary, you must pay attention to the company’s transparency on the dosage and strength of the active CBD oil.

When buying CBD hemp oil, you need to pay attention to a few things that determine the quality of the product.  Price is not a factor when buying this product and in fact, CO₂ extraction though quite expensive is the safest way of extraction. You would better pay much and get a quality product.