7 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Clean and Tidy

Because of our busy schedules and demanding working hours, we tend to forget or have no time to clean our workspace. It can get really overwhelming if it’s left for too long, making our jobs a lot more difficult. A clean working environment is a happy one, giving you that positive boost that would make your duties feel less of a hassle. It’s scientifically proven that you work better in a clean working environment, so here are 7 ways for you to clean it all up.

Something to Consider

If you and your colleagues agree that it would take a lot of effort and time that you can’t afford to lose to clean up your office, then you should consider hiring professional cleaning services to do the job perfectly for you. Hiring a professional cleaning service will leave your workspace spotless; however, does the comparison between a few or more cleaning agencies help? Of course, it does! This way, you’d know the kind of rates and services you’d be getting. So, you need to get a better look at which agency you should hire to give you the best cleaning experience that is worth all the money you’ll spend on.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

You should follow a routine where you don’t keep too much on your desks; you should only keep important documents neatly organized there as well as your office supplies that you use every day. Anything else that has been around for over 2 weeks should be archived and shelved accordingly; any materials or office appliances that you don’t use should be stored away too. If you do this frequently, then you will always have a tidy workspace.

2. Never Eat Where You Work

This is bad for two reasons: Your desk might get spills, crumbs, and wrappings all over the place, making your desk unfit for any of your duties. Another reason is that you won’t be able to focus on your job at all, so avoid eating there and have lunch in the break room where you can socialize with your other work friends and colleagues.

3. Handle Your Trash

If your job doesn’t have someone that periodically takes out the trash every morning, then you should frequently do it yourself whenever you can. Keeping it there will make it smell and might make your office smell bad, not to mention it will draw random pests and bacteria in it, and that just won’t make it look or feel good. So, remember to take out the trash every day.

4. Start Organizing Your Cables 

You might have an office desktop, a laptop, a phone charger, and other things that would make your desk surrounded with wires. You need to untangle each one and keep them looking neat; most desks have ways for you to manage them, but you could also invest in cable ties and sleeves. This will keep everything looking great, and it would prevent any untangled wires and cables from ever forming.

5. Invest in the Right Products 

You could use your monthly petty cash to buy some sprays and sanitary wipes to keep everything smelling nice and fresh; this is great if you do it every day, so it won’t collect dust. You should try and keep it simple and minimal; you don’t need to buy the best brands all the time.

6. Storage Plan

To avoid the clutter of papers, pens, staplers, and other office supplies; you should have a storage area or spot for every single thing. You don’t want everything to be on your desk at once. Whether it’s an extra drawer, cabinet, or even a designated room for storage boxes; you can come up with a system that makes everything look neatly organized with name tags as well, so your things don’t get lost.

7. Go Digital 

Most companies have started to use apps and software programs that have everything they would need whether it’s forms, important documents, or lists. This is great for transforming your office into a paperless one, saving you the hassle of worrying about storage and archiving. Everything can be done digitally, and it would be much more effective, promoting efficiency, productivity, and organized cleanliness.

Nobody likes cleaning, but it would be easier if you do it frequently and not wait until the clutter is too much for someone to handle. Remember to do one step at a time; it doesn’t have to be super perfect and immaculate looking every day. Once you get the hang of it and set up a system for yourself and others around you, you will all enjoy a nice, tidy, and clean office space.