3 Ways to Make Your Small Space Look and Feel Bigger

Making the most of a small space means that you will have to cut every corner, pull up every trick you know, and make the most of your space to create the illusion of a much larger place.

Small rooms are definitely not the first choice for most people. They can create the feel of discomfort and a sense of confinement or claustrophobia. But, there are designs, arrangements and clever lighting tricks that can make any small space look and feel bigger.

Whether you are a student living in a dorm or working in a small cubicle at an office, it is in your best interests to know these tips to make your space look less confining.

Light Colours

It is a general rule of thumb that if you want a space to appear lighter, you should use light colours. It is all about optical illusion here, and while white, bright walls will create a sense of largeness; your room is still the same small space. The science behind the trick is that bright walls reflect light, maximizing the brightness from natural light, and making your space feel a lot more airy and wide. Off-white, green and blue colours are some ideal colours for your walls.

Clear up the Clutter

Of course, you know this. Clutter is just one more way to make an already small space look even more packed. Keep your space as tidy and organized as possible, remember that you are working with an already small space; you don’t need any more clutter to make it more cramped. When you create a place for everything and keep things out of sight, you reveal more space and surface, making your room feel more open. Cut down on the pictures hanging on your wall, and reduce the number of desk paraphernalia you have going on. Do not use large, busy rugs on your floors, and keep the floor as clear as you can to optimise the illusion of a larger floor space.


Mirrors are small wonders in the decorating world. With the help of some cleverly placed mirrors, any small space can look larger. A well-placed mirror will reflect light off its surface, creating a brighter room in the daytime and night-time. The light being bounced around the room gives the illusion of depth and largeness.

You can also place a mirror to reflect the outdoors, or place them on the walls and table tops. Mirrored cabinet doors are another sure way to create a sense of a more large space.

Even though you may not be able to do anything about your small space –like tear down a few walls in your dorm room- there are tricks you can manage to create some depth and feeling of largeness.

You can maximize the way you arrange your furniture, with some clever multi-functional furniture. For example, instead of having a bed and a drawer taking up space, why not have a bed that comes with some hidden drawers underneath. Or, a bed that folds up into a sofa is another great example. You can also get some other pieces which can be folded up easily and kept away when not in use; for example, some folding tables and chairs for your dining area.


If you got some skills and experience in interior design, you can always find new ways to make simple rooms look gorgeous. Thus, making a small place look bigger should not be an issue for you. In case you are not an expert, hiring professional interior designers can offer you advantages. It can save your time, efforts and even costs if you know how to find affordable interior designers. If you are from Santa Monica, you can choose from interior designers Santa Monica. If you are from Holmby Hills or around, you can choose from interior designers Holmby Hills. Allow professionals to take care of your designing needs and have gorgeous interiors.