4 Key Pieces of Equipment You Need for Horse-Riding

It is no exaggeration in saying that riding is an expensive sport. That would even apply even when it comes to the amount of equipment the horseback riders can accumulate over time. If you are a beginner, on the other hand, there is no need to purchase all of the equestrian products that are available on the market. 

It is possible to find affordable options, although the focus here will not be how to find cheap apparel for horseback riding but what pieces of equipment are essential. 

Where to Start?

In case you have just signed up for a few lessons and have not been totally in love with horseback riding, there is the possibility that you might be reluctant to spend your money on specialized apparel. Not only that it is understandable but there is also a chance that you already have a few of the essential items for the first couple of rides. 

Although, when you do officially go crazy for equestrianism, and you feel you are ready to start your equipment collection, here are some examples of apparel items you will like to start with. 

1. The Helmet

One of the first things to consider when buying a new gear is a helmet. You need to think about what is the kind of riding you will be participating in as well. Riding helmets are made for different disciplines of horse riding and come in many styles. Just to name the few, One K, Ovation Troxel as well as the Charles-Owen helmets are most popular out there. Since a cross-country event rider or racing jockey has a higher or even different risk of injury than a dressage rider or showjumper has, it would be wise to consider which one will fit the most for you. So in case you compete, you already know that each discipline has its own rules when it comes to helmets. These rules would include minimum safety standards. Sometimes style and color are part of the rules too. 

Overall, helmets suit each activity, and many horse riders enjoy different types of riding. Therefore, there is everything for anyone to find.

2. Riding Pants 

Riding pants can go by many different names like jodhpurs, breeches, riding jeans, riding tights, and so on.  All of these names refer to riding pants that have patches of material at least on the inside of the knee. 

No matter the discipline, riding pants will keep you secure in the sale and comfortable as well. 

3. Gloves

Rubber reins, or holding leather, can be uncomfortable at the beginning. Especially in the case that the reins have not become soft yet since they are new. 

Since your hands can also sweat and make the reins slick, your ability to keep a grip will be affected. For that reason, gloves are the solution. 

4. Saddle

Your type of riding style will determine the overall choice of the saddle which is, to say the least, an important thing to consider. For dressage, there are dressage saddles. On the other hand,  saddles for jumping have a seat that is deeper with more padding around the knees which will prevent the rider from falling forward during the jump. Also, there are saddles for general purposes. They are not considered to be specialized in design since they are for everyone that likes to be involved in various disciplines of riding. 

Endurance riders, for instance, prefer a stockman saddle. It is more than important to remember that the final saddle you choose will fit both your horse and you as well. If you want to be more comfortable during the ride, it would be wise to make your seat lose and not too tight, especially when the horse comes to mind.  

The saddle needs to be comfortable and to fit the horse so no discomfort could affect him and his behavior during the ride session. 

Before you decide to participate in any kind of riding lessons, it would be wise for you to have certain items first. Riding lessons are an excellent way to enter into the “horse world” and what better way than with proper gear. Equipment when riding a horse is essential and without it, not only that your safety can be affected but the overall riding experience as well. 

For that reason, it would be wise to start with these items and then do educated research on what else you can purchase and make your equestrian journey as pleasant and fun as possible. There is nothing like riding a horse, especially if you know that you are protected while looking great.