4 Possible Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling

Air conditioners are complicated types of machine because it requires a balanced combination of the right temperature, consistent airflow, and pressure in order for the aircon to run smoothly. The inability to cool your house or room is something you need to worry about and issues like this can get on your nerves especially during the summer season. Countries that have hot weather all year round like Singapore and Thailand, the temperature can go as high as 37-degree Celsius. It’s not uncommon for such humid environments that aircon runs day and night. That’s why aircon servicing in Singapore and other related countries is very important, but problems are bound to happen and it can be due to multiple reasons.

Read further to find out the most common reasons why your aircon is not cooling and how to fix it.

Filthy Filters

The most common reason why aircon is not cooling your room down mostly has to do with unclean air filters. The air filter is used to remove smoke, dust, and pollen to ensure good air quality. If the filter is clogged with dirt and dust, it might cause problems. It could affect the thermostat and might not work properly. Dirt found on this filter blocks the passage of cool air inside the tube. In order for this not to happen, it is advisable to always clean the filters regularly and change, if necessary.

Issues with the Thermostat

A thermostat is a tool that identifies the room temperature and sends a message to the air compressor to start the cooling cycle or end it. You can see that there’s a problem if your unit blows out cool air and then fan-like air. These issues could arise because of dead batteries or malfunctioned circuits. When you encounter this problem, just keep the thermostat to auto-mode instead of turning it on, or if it did not work try to change the batteries or call a professional that is licensed to do this kind of job to identify the real problem. A faulty thermostat is a fairly common cause of inconsistent or not properly cooling air conditioners.

Problem with the Refrigerant Level

Refrigerants are fluids that absorb heat from the air and if the levels of refrigerant are lower than the required amount it can prevent your air conditioning from producing cold air. The refrigerant can get low due to a few possible reasons. First, if there is a leakage problem and secondly, if its level has decreased over time. If you hear a hissing sound outside the unit, call a professional right away this might be a problem concerning refrigerant.

Compressor Issue

A compressor is like the heart of your air conditioning unit, it is a vital component as it manages the flow of coolant and circulates between the evaporator and condenser, and once damaged, it cannot produce cold air well enough. If you turned on your unit and the cooling cycle did not start, call a professional to replace the compressor in order to avoid inconveniences.

During the summer season, our air condition unit is our friend to fight the heat, and if you want your aircon to run perfectly it is advisable to have it checked regularly. Do it every 4 months to enhance efficiency and maintain good outcomes and also to avoid expensive repair charges.