5 Holiday Wardrobe Essentials for Kids

Kids are known for being happy, having high energy, and having a curious nature, and they’re also known for being incredibly picky. Kids are picky about the foods they eat; they’re all so picky about their clothing. But, since they are, in fact, children, it’s not like they can go to the store to pick out their clothing, and even if they could, can you imagine what they would pick? While you may not care too much about what your children wear during your typical day-to-day, during the holiday season, you’re going to be spending time with friends and loved ones in your home, their home, or at other events, so your children looking put together is likely important to you during these times. Please keep reading for some holiday wardrobe essentials to add to your Christmas list for kids that keep them looking their best and that they won’t mind wearing.

Baby Rompers 

One of the cutest ages to pick out clothing for is babies. But the truth is, a little baby isn’t comfortable in a baby-sized suit or a dress made from uncomfortable material. They will, however, be comfortable and win best dressed in a stylish baby romper. Nowadays, kids’ clothes are modern and beautifully made, so finding a baby romper with a holiday or winter theme is easy. Additionally, a romper will keep your little one nice, cozy, and warm during winter.

Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid is one of the most iconic winter and holiday prints when it comes to clothing. If you’re unfamiliar with Buffalo plaid, it’s the oversized black and red checkered print. Little kids look especially adorable in Buffalo plaid, whether it’s a long-sleeve collared button-up for your son or a Buffalo plaid print dress for your daughter. Buffalo plaid is also a great print for the whole family to wear in pajamas on Christmas Eve or in photos for the family Christmas card.

Faux Fur

While much controversy surrounds wearing real animal fur, faux fur is always a holiday hit! You can include it on the cuffs of coats and dresses or an adorable faux fur vest on your daughter, whether a toddler or a teen. And while it’s not real fur, faux fur can keep your kids warm if some of your holiday celebrations take place outdoors, from caroling to holiday light tours. Lastly, faux fur is a great material for winter weather accessories that your kids will we’re well into the new year, like faux fur pom poms on the top of their beanies and faux fur scarves.

Fair Isle Sweaters

Something about the Fair Isle pattern brings everyone plenty of nostalgia and comfort. There are no rules regarding color schemes for Fair Isle sweaters, but they are essential for everyone in the family, not just your children. Traditional Fair Isle sweaters are made of 100% wool, but wool is a notoriously itchy material that most children won’t want to wear. Instead, opt for a synthetic blend or 100 percent cotton.

Don’t Overlook Accessories

Whether on a budget or in a time crunch, accessories can put a holiday spin on the clothes your children love to wear. Glittery hairpins, bright red headbands, and even jewelry can be major statement-makers. In the same way, you switch up your outfit with different accessories; you can do the same with your children this holiday season. Holiday-inspired accessories could even become fun crafts with your children as they’re out of school often during the holiday season. Creating their holiday jewelry and hair accessories is easy with a few items from a local craft store and a hot glue gun.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to help your kids look and feel festive this holiday season. Classic holiday colors like deep reds and rich greens pair perfectly with the jeans and other bottoms they already own. We spend a ton of money on Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, so upgrading their shoes and accessories is an easy way to pull off a holiday look. However, by incorporating the above trends, you can make sure they look fantastic in all the family photos you’ll take this season. Happy holidays!