5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Virginia and Explore the “Old Dominion”

Virginia is a highly-revered state among most proud Americans. It was the first and most prosperous colony in the United States, with Jamestown known as the first English settlement in the country. Although the state might not have the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles or the hustle and bustle of New York or Las Vegas, there is still so much to see and do in Virginia. This article is designed to shine a spotlight on the main reasons why you should consider putting Virginia on your to-do list of vacation destinations in 2019 and beyond.

Discover historic Jamestown for yourself

Whether you have British roots, or you are simply someone that’s in tune with history, Jamestown is a place on the bucket list of many. It was the inaugural British settlement in North America way back in 1607. There are two parts to Jamestown – the historic area of “Jamestowne”, where you can clap eyes on the historic ruins, including the remains of an 18th century Ambler Mansion. You’ll find plenty of artefacts from the region in the Archaearium archaeology museum, which is located in the Jamestown Settlement, where a 17th century fort and Powhatan Indian village has been replicated.


Catch a basketball game with the in-form Virginia Cavaliers

The state of Virginia has been whipped-up into something of a basketball frenzy of late, with its university team on the cusp of winning the NCAA Championship for the first time. The latest Oddschecker NCAA Championship prices put the Cavaliers in pole position out of the four remaining sides to make history in 2019. The Virginia Cavaliers play in the John Paul Jones Arena, with a crowd of near 15,000 cheering on the “Wahoos”. It’s a great experience to be part of if you’ve never watched live basketball before, but don’t want to pay the extortionate ticket prices of the NBA.

Virginia’s wine-tasting scene gives California a run for its money

Many of the millions that flock to the United States for vacations appreciate the calibre of wines that blossom throughout the Sunshine State of California. Nevertheless, Virginia has a wine-tasting scene to be proud of too. Charlottesville is brimming with gorgeous wineries, many of whom have their cellar doors open to visitors for impromptu wine tastings. If you have a penchant for chardonnays, cabernet francs or viogniers wine, you are very much in luck in Virginia.

Venture out along The Skyline Drive


If you are prepared to hire a car during your stay in Virginia, there is no better driving route for scenery than the Skyline Drive Scenic Highway. Situated just 75 miles south-west of Washington D.C., this 105-mile stretch of road meanders through the entirety of the Shenandoah National Park, along with some of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains. The road hugs the mountain ridges, affording you some breath-taking panoramic views. For those who like hiking, it’s even possible to head out onto the open fields from the area’s plentiful car parks.

Explore the two-kilometre stretch of the Luray Caverns

Head due west in the state of Virginia and you will discover the Luray Caverns, the largest caverns in eastern America. For those enchanted by the natural wonders of the world, a walk through the Luray Caverns offers an unearthly experience, with majestic stone formations and nature’s architecture at every turn. Photograph opportunities are plentiful on a day trip to the Luray Caverns, with thousands of spectacular stalactites and stalagmites on show. Musically-minded visitors will also be fascinated by the Stalagpipe Organ – the biggest genuine musical instrument on the planet. The organ is played using small hammers, hitting the stalactites to play the right note.


For most tourists venturing from mainland Europe, the UK or even the Far East, Virginia is one of the closest U.S. states to fly to, given its position on the east coast. Washington Dulles International Airport is the easiest place to fly into for a vacation in Virginia, with the airport serving more than 20 million passengers annually. In fact, Virginia’s easy transport links could easily be a sixth reason to visit and explore what the state has to offer!