Adventuring in Spring: The Best International Destinations

The holiday season is an undeniably joyous time – however, the winter months that follow a stacked festive period can drag on, in contrast to the great speed at which Thanksgiving and Christmas pass us by. The first few months of the new year are dismal, to say the least, bringing us to think excitedly about the next big adventure.

That adventure needn’t wait until the summer, either. Even if we’ve grown out of Spring Break, this doesn’t mean we can’t take its spirit and run; this is especially the case if you now have a family of your own to share such adventures with. Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to explore – though many other Americans are already aware of this fact, what they don’t know are the best places to go in springtime.


Let’s start with an easy one: Italy. Italy is one of the most popular places in Europe for Americans to visit on holiday, with cultural destinations like Rome and Florence ranking extremely highly against other European cities among vacationers. The appeal of Italy’s capital as it springs to life in the warmer months needn’t be explained to you, of course.

But there’s so much more to Italy than its bustling urban centers. The places between them are vast and beautiful, well worth exploring on their own merits – whether the country’s famed vineyards and olive groves or its stunning mountainous terrain. Hiking tours are a great way to experience these places, being curated on your behalf and accessible to all.


At the juncture of Europe and Asia, you will find the majestic republic of Turkey. Turkey is an astonishing place to visit, being a cultural melting pot that has been cooking away for thousands upon thousands of years. It is also an area of distinct natural beauty, with unbelievable shores and breathtaking mountain landscapes. A standout area to visit would be the Kayseri province, in Central Anatolia and the foothills of Mount Erciyes.


Italy and Turkey are effectively bookends for the Greek peninsula and isles, which can be found jutting out at the extremities of the Mediterranean Sea. Greece describes tens of thousands of square miles of land, across thousands of islands as well as its mainland peninsula. While known for its golden and black sands, as well as its bright blue seas, there is much more to find here in spring. Greece has everything, from the crispness of the Pindus mountain air to the dense greenery of Drama.

The Baltics

Last but certainly not least, we come to the Baltics – a conglomeration of three nations that together comprise some of the best natural destinations in central Europe. Those nations are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which between them share 15 phenomenal national parks. Gauja National Park is a gloriously bright place to visit in Spring, as is Soomaa in Estonia.