Things You Should Consider Before a Diamond

Diamond is an expensive metal. You buy diamonds only for special occasions and for special people. If you want to buy a diamond ring or necklace then it would likely be more confusing for you. Most buyers don’t know about diamonds’ quality and experience high costs if they go for it in the market. Everyone wants to know about the diamond reviews and properties before buying but there is little information about its properties. If you want to buy a diamond, here is a useful diamond buying guide for you in this blog. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Consider carat of diamond


Diamond is measured in the carat by size. If you want to buy the less expensive diamond you should choose the carat capacity of 0.91ct and 1.9ct etc. in this way, you can save a lot of money. If you talk about the purest form of the diamond then you can go for the 24k. So, you should know the metal jewelry is mostly measured in carat, So, whenever you make a decision to buy keep this thing in mind.

Less expensive types of diamond

Not all diamonds are expensive. If you want to get less expensive then you can buy the princess, cushion, oval, and emerald. There is one thing more, if you buy a fancy diamond, it will also cost you low. On the other hand, round diamonds are more expensive than other shapes. If you want to buy a diamond with more cuts, then you have to pay more money for that.

Diamond graph report

A diamond graph report is scientific research-based data issued by the GIA. It has very useful and unbiased information about diamonds. If you want to buy the diamond, you should read the graph report thoroughly. Because, there, in fact, even an experienced jeweler can’t recognize the diamond quality sometimes. They check the diamond in the labs. If the lab verifies the diamond, they purchase it for resell. So, always buy after reading the facts in the graph report.

Buy after lab test

Jeweler checking size of diamond

Like other ornaments, diamonds are rare in use and you don’t have enough knowledge about the diamond. So, whenever in life, you want to buy, make sure the diamond is real and buy with a lab-verified report. You can find lab-grown or natural diamonds in the market, choice is yours but always go through rigorous lab tests. It will also help you in reselling if you want to sell it in the future. 

Focus on the cuts

The beauty of a diamond is determined by its cut. More clear cuts mean a more elegant diamond is. Even if you buy a diamond with a rich color and its cuts are not clear, then color can surely be compromised. The unclear cuts of the diamond fade the color and it appears dull. If you give a gift to someone, then he or she would consider it a cheap diamond with low quality. Diamond cuts have the greatest influence. If you wear a diamond full of cuts, someone can judge you as an expensive thongs-lover.

Get laser inscription

As you know, there are many stolen ornaments in the market. So, you also can buy the stolen or lost diamond. A laser inscription determines whether the diamond which you are going to buy is ever stolen or lost. In this way, you get the real thing for yourself. Otherwise, if you get the stolen diamond from the market and wear it at a party, someone can recognize its diamond, in this way you can get stuck in a serious problem. Sometimes, maybe you have to face a shameful situation. Imagine if you buy a stolen diamond for your fiancé then what will happen in the engagement ceremony, would you even not imagine this thing.  So, be sure about the originality of the diamond before buying.

Consider diamond certificate

Brilliant cut diamond

Every certified jeweler who is doing the business of the diamonds has some documents regarding their ornaments. If you want to buy a diamond, you should ask the jeweler for the diamond certificate. The certificate will tell you that a specific diamond has undergone an unbiased and professional examination. On the other hand, you can buy safe ornaments and this certificate will help you in the future if you want to resell them to another jeweler or a person.

Try to buy symmetrical shaped-diamond

You should try to buy the symmetrical diamond if possible. Because a symmetrical diamond looks more sparkly than others. If anyone buys a diamond, he or she wants it, it should sparkle in the gathering. Everyone wants to show off their diamonds at the gathering. So, if you have a diamond with low glowing, it seems very ordinary.

Check the flaws of a diamond

There are many flaws found in the diamond such as clouds, chips, feathers, graining, natural indentations, bruises, cavities, cleavages, knots, laser drill holes, needles, pinpoints, twinning wisps, and beards. But you can’t see these flaws with naked eyes. If you are going to buy the diamond from a retail jeweler shop, you should ask for a magnifying glass to see the flaws in the diamond. But if you are buying a diamond online, you should ask the seller for the original report and certificate of that diamond.