An Easy Guide To Finding A DHL Near You

DHL is important for certain companies and individuals in the U.S. to receive their items on time and be shipped safely. This is an easy-to-follow guide to finding your closest DHL office.

Step 1: Search DHL on your phone’s app store and Enter Zip Code

Search on your phone’s app store or in Google Play for DHL. If you need to find a “DHL Near Me” click here if you prefer an online application or site. Whether you are using a PC or mobile app,  the next step is very simple. Simply enter the ZIP code of the area you are in, and click ‘find locations’. From there, you can select which location you are looking for.

Step 2: Select Location Type

There are four different types of locations that could appear on this screen – stores, service centers, drop boxes, and international shipping centers. The type of location you will be most interested in will depend on what you plan to do with DHL. If you need international shipping services, it would be best if you selected an international shipping center. Or, if your area has a dropbox location, you can select that to make your shipping very easy.

Step 3: Select Location Details

Once you have selected the location type, there are three additional options that may appear on the screen – printable maps, hours of service, and access to services. If these three items are not available for your location it will be clearly indicated with ‘n/a’. Once again, this will depend on what kind of DHL transactions you plan to do at this location. For instance, if you need international shipping services it would be best to look for an international shipping center because they will have all three of these items listed, whereas stores or service centers might only have one or two of them listed.

Step 4: Printable Maps

As the name implies, this option will print out a map to show you exactly where your nearest DHL location is. This map is very easy to read with clear symbols showing you which building on the map is your DHL office. All you have to do is follow the directions!

Step 5: Hours of Service

This screen will tell you what kind of hours the location operates under. Once again, depending on what type of location this is, it might not be open 24-hours, but if it isn’t closed for lunch then it should be open more hours than are listed here. For instance, service centers are generally only open during business hours (9 am-5 pm) while stores are typically open until 6 pm.

Step 6:  Access to Services

This final step tells you what kind of services, if any, this location offers its customers. If access to your service is not available at that specific location there will be nothing listed on this screen. For instance, some locations only offer the ability to purchase postage stamps or mail express envelopes. If they don’t sell other products like boxes or envelopes, then these options would not be included on the list. However, most DHL locations do offer all four of these items which means you can go into the store and buy everything you need for international shipping in one stop! 

After following these simple steps it should be very easy for you to find your closest DHL location. The map that prints out is very easy to read and will also give you a phone number in case you would like to contact the company before going there. Now that you know how to find a DHL near you, it’s about time to check their hours and availability as well as if they offer any discounts or coupons! After all, who doesn’t like saving money? Happy shipping!