App design or meet on clothes: how does UI/UX design can make your app luxurious

Trust me, you won’t get a second chance to leave a first impression of the app. Design has one of the main roles in a positive result. The user not only solves problems, gets rid of routine tasks, and gains new knowledge, but it should be convenient, beautiful and comfortable to do so.

Imagine that you enter a bedroom: comfortable furniture, orthopedic mattress, expensive decoration materials. But there is a difficulty. The walls are bright red, the curtains are neon yellow, you can’t turn on the light because the switch is too high. The way to the bed is blocked by a commode.  You definitely don’t want to go back to that room again. It’s the same with the app. All elements must be in balance with each other. The app design cost consists of the experience and knowledge of a specialist in this industry. We will come back to this question and consider it in detail.

External harmony

So, let’s learn more about behind-the-scenes design.

Coffee and water are needed to create the perfect drink. So in the appearance of the product are combined in a single structure visual layout and a convenient, clear interface. The main thing here is to keep a consistent design style and logic. Like the situation with the room described above, harmony in appearance creates the right brand image. The customer can understand the software product on an intuitive level.

Design is not just a picture; it’s a method of communication with the user. You can evoke emotions, associations, gain trust, and show a special atmosphere. This is not an easy task. More often than not, it is the introduction of a person to a brand that begins with the application.

Even at the idea stage, serious research is conducted on the target audience by various factors. And based on the profile of the potential client, his age, place of residence, gender, marital status, etc., a visual layout is developed. A competent specialist knows exactly what colors, fonts, images are suitable and this is included in the app design cost. Even the size and location of the buttons can seriously affect usability. For example, in applications for men, the buttons and indents are usually larger.

Through the external embodiment of the product, the company conveys the value, the intent. The user should read it intuitively. Only in this way is the created design successful.

Monetary dependency

The services of a qualified specialist, who has experience and understanding how to create a proper product can’t be cheap. The app design cost begins at $3000 and then the amount increases about the wishes and abilities of the customer. Let’s learn more about how to plan the budget wisely.

Сomplexity of tasks

There is a small company of 100 people, and they need a corporate application for internal use. Accordingly, the requirements for this application will be minimal. Or let’s look at Spotify.  A completely different scale and high demands on ergonomics and visual effect. Here, a lot still depends on the way the designer uses it. If he works with standard blocks and libraries, it reduces the app design cost. If he creates a design completely individual and creative never used before, it increases the price.


The location of the specialist can affect the app design cost.This is due to the different level and cost of living. Technicians are paid by the hour, so we will compare the cost per hour. The cheapest option will be to hire a specialist from India up to $26, this is due to the cost of living in this region. The next option is the Eastern European countries. The level and experience of specialists is much higher, the prices start from $35 per hour. The highest paid designers are citizens of the United States, Europe and Britain. An hour of work for such a professional starts at $60. From these data, you can conclude where to look for a specialist according to your spending plan.

Type of team

As a rule, if you hire a development team to create a “turnkey” app, there is already a designer among them. This method is not cheap, but you remove several issues at once. There is no need to gather a team from scratch, you save time and money, and increase the speed of development.  This is often a significant factor, because there is always a chance that a competitor will present a product earlier. In a situation when the budget is limited, you can turn to a freelance designer. In this case, you will control, draw up the TOR and build the process of communication yourself, but will reduce the app design cost.

The platform

First, determine for which mobile operating system the application is created. In most cases this is Android, iOS or cross-platform. The app design cost will grow in direct correlation with the number of platforms you are creating a product for.  That’s why you should have a clear thought-out plan, in which each stage is painted. But this will be outlined later.

Optimizing an app design cost or 5 secrets of saving money

It is worth understanding that it is not a question of how to make it cheaper. But how not to spend too much, how to allocate costs correctly so that the app development is completed successfully.

  1. You should have a precise plan of action before proceeding to the development of the application. Each stage is painted by steps, what has to be done and to what extent, a budget is planned. You have to be sure of your main idea. The more preparatory work is done, the easier it will be to set tasks for developers, understand the needs of users and create a marketable product.
  2. Hire a team of professionals. Monitor prices, experience, and cases. It’s like the issue with building a house. Even if you have the best wallpaper they can easily be glued to crooked unskilled craftsmen and ruin the appearance. Knowledgeable specialists will be able to share their competence, help avoid mistakes and optimize the app design cost. 
  3. Understand the nuances of UX/UI design, discuss all aspects of the work with the specialist in advance. Do not forget that you can save on the use of standard blocks from the guides, ready-made branding elements and the number of platforms.
  4. Limit the number of features at the beginning. For example, the goal of a booking app is for the user to get a hotel room. This is the main purpose the app should solve. Accordingly, the specialist should focus on developing a design that makes it convenient for the customer to use the product for booking. By having the exact input conditions, the designer will concentrate on this task, and you will save on the app design cost.
  5. Look for specialists territorially. Choose a development team from Eastern Europe or India, they cost less than teams from the UK and USA.

When creating an app, you must not forget that the main consumer is the client. Therefore, all the work of the team should be aimed at satisfying their needs. At each step of creating the app, answer the question, “Will the user be satisfied? Will he solve his problem? Will he be comfortable?” In this case, the finished product will be in demand and competitive.

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