Attractions To Visit On A One Day Trip To London

London has so many interesting landmarks and attractions that it is just not possible to visit and explore all of them on a single trip. So you can imagine if you just have a day to spend in the city, it would be a real challenge to decide which major attractions to visit and which to forego for a later trip. As time is of essence, it is vital that you choose accommodation within Central London.

If you are looking for a hotel in the centre of the city, the Park Grand hotel London would be a suitable option. It offers premium facilities at a reasonable price and is a popular choice with visitors to the city.

Another benefit of staying at the Hotel Park Grand Paddington is its convenient location, which offers easy access to the major attractions that lie nearby. And it also has excellent transport links if you want to travel to other parts of the city. The top attractions that you could squeeze into your one day travel itinerary could include the Coco Cola London Eye, a Hop-on-Hop-off bust tour, Westminster Abbey, a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Big Ben.

The London Eye

If you want to avoid the large crowds and get aboard the capsules without much of a wait, it is best to get to the London Eye a bit before 10:00 am that is the time it opens for the public. Once aboard you will enjoy a half an hour ride on one of the most modern and iconic landmarks in the city of London. From the glass pods you will get the most amazing 360 degree views of the city and its magnificent skyline. Once at the top it offers the most majestic aerial views of the bustling city below at 135 metres above the ground. And every pod comes with a interactive touch screen unit, which makes it easy to identify the landmarks in the background and also offers interesting information about of each of them. Once your 30 minute ride is over, do not miss an opportunity to try the Coca-Cola London Eye 4D Experience for an alternative immersive perspective of the city. While aboard the London eye you will catch sights of the some of the most famous attractions in the city, which include Big Ben, Royal Albert Hall, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, The Shard, The Thames River, Piccadilly Circus and much more.

Big Bus London Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

To make the most a single day trip to London the hop-on hop-off London bus tour is the best way to see most of the prominent attractions and landmarks on the trip. An additional benefit of taking this tour is you can get off and on at any of the stops along the route (if you want to get off and get a closer look at any attraction) or stay aboard for the entire tour. The tours are very interesting and informative with professional guides who have a   comprehensive knowledge of the city and its various landmarks.  You could hop aboard from any of the three assigned locations in London.

  1. Victoria Station from the entrance that is located at the front of the station
  2. Piccadilly, the bus can be boarded at the location midway near Green Park Tube station
  3. On Baker Street visitors can hop aboard at the Big Bus kiosk which lies at the exit of Baker Street Tube Station and Madame Tussauds

St Paul’s Cathedral

To explore St. Paul’s Cathedral you can get off the bus tour at the stop for St. Paul’s. One of the most recognised attractions in the city skyline its dome is the most striking feature of this stunning landmark. Visitors can get to the top of its dome, for the most spectacular views of the city. The Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. You could also explore the ornate floor of the Cathedral, the three art galleries in the dome and of course its famous crypt. To make the trip more informative and enjoyable there are expert guided tours with the admission fee four times a day (subject to availability). Another option is to take a self-guided tour of the place at your leisure and you could make the most of the touch screen smart tablets to guide you through the venue (these are provided at the time of admission).

Try the English classic (fish and chips)

Along the way you could break for a bite and the best thing to try in London is their classic English fish & chips dish. There are plenty of pubs that offer the best of British Traditional fare and this would be the ideal dish to chow down on, unless you fancy something else. Post lunch you can hop aboard the bus and move on with your guided tour of the city, unless you want to break at the stop Parliament Square.

Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, & Parliament

Once you get off at Parliament Square on Abingdon Street, you will be in the centre of the famous three i.e. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. It offers an opportunity to replicate the famous photo shot of Big Ben and the classic Red Phone Booth all in a single frame.

Westminster Abbey

This stunningly beautiful Gothic Church is situated in an area known as the City of Westminster in London. It is the official coronation venue for monarch since the 11th century onwards. It is also the venue for several state funerals and weddings with the latest that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Its famous crypt is the burial site for several luminaries of British Society through the centuries.

Big Ben

It is the second biggest clock of its type in the world with the largest located in Minneapolis in the US. Big Ben is not the name of the tower (which is Elizabeth Tower) as generally considered, but rather the name of the massive bell that rings on the hour within the tower. It is one of the greatest symbols of Britain features in numerous movies, advertisements and all forms of media.

Houses of Parliament

Although they are referred to as the Houses of Parliament, the official name is the Palace of Westminster. It serves as home to the House of Lords and the House of Commons, which collectively are the Houses of Parliament.