Fun Attractions to Visit in London

A holiday spent in London is always an unforgettable experience. There is so much to see and do that it is impossible to accomplish seeing most of the top attractions on a single trip. For that matter there are even local Londoners that have not seen many of the lesser known attractions, within this magnificent city. If you are a first time visitor you need to plan your travel itinerary in such a way to maximise the number of top attractions you want to see, while ensuring you have ample time to explore and enjoy the places you intend to visit.

The first thing to ensure is that you select the right type of accommodation in the city. Hyde Park accommodation is a popular choice with visitors to the city.

Another preferred option is the numerous hotels near Bayswater Road. They offer easy access to the numerous attractions that are located in the area.

A popular hotel with tourists in the area is the Shaftesbury London Hyde Park hotel known for its chic ambience and top notch facilities. It is close to the top shopping and entertainment areas and is well connected to the major tourist spots in London. Since you would be in the city for a limited period of time, you need to plan to make the most of your trip. Some of the fun attractions to visit while on a trip to London include the following:

The Tower of London

It is right up there as being out of the most popular tourist spots in the city. It has been witness to almost a thousand years of history and has played a prominent role in the city’s political happenings through the centuries. There are thoroughly entertaining tours conducted by the legendary Yeomen Warders (also known as Beefeaters) who regale visitors with tales of the place’s grim and at times outright macabre past. There is plenty to see, as the Tower served numerous purposes over its long existence ranging from a serving as a prison to the Royal Mint. Prominent among the attractions of course are the priceless Crown Jewels, among plenty more to see and explore at this iconic tourist attraction.

Go on a Thames River cruise

If you want to truly see the city from a unique perspective then it is recommended to embark on a fun filled Thames River Cruise. There are a number of such river cruises organised by a many tour operators and they offer an interesting view of the city from its famous river. Along the route you will see a variety of iconic landmarks like the London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, the O2 Arena and Big Ben among many other captivating sights. You could choose to sign up for a river cruise that begins at Westminster which takes you right to Greenwich, while enroute you will meander through the centre of the city and see some of the most awe inspiring sights London has to offer. Complete your fun-filled holiday in London by checking out this blog on Where to Stay in London: The Ultimate Sightseeing Guide by HotelsCombined.

Westminster Abbey

London is famous for its stunning architecture and one of the most impressive examples of stunning gothic architecture at its best is the city’s famous Westminster Abbey. It is part of the many UNESCO World Heritage sites that are to be found in Britain and is located behind the Houses of Parliament. It is the final resting place for some of the most famous names who were part of Britain’s long and illustrious history. They range from royalty to aristocrats, scientists to poets and many more luminaries. In more recent times the venue played host to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. When it comes to the city’s most famous landmarks, Westminster Abbey is right up there and definitely not to miss on a visit to London.

Take a tour of Windsor Castle

London is home to some of the most famous royal residences in the world. While Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace occupy centre stage, Windsor Palace is definitely not to be left behind. Windsor Palace has the singular honour of being the largest as well as the oldest occupied castle on the planet. It is out of the select few royal residences of Queen Elizabeth II and also is her favourite weekend palace. The palace has been around for more than 900 years and has a rich and distinct royal history. Visitors are given an opportunity to see its magnificent State Apartments, and indeed it is a fabulous attraction to visit. While there do not seeing the world’s smallest doll house on display there.

Hampton Court Palace

Another one of the prestigious royal palaces, it is also very popular with visitors and once served as the royal residence of King Henry VIII. The palace is a massive and stunning edifice and boast of having some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. This includes its well known hedge maze and the one of a kind royal chocolate kitchen that has existed since the 17th century.

The Tower Bridge

It is one of the most well known symbols of the city, with the Victorian bascule Tower Bridge occupying a prominent spot among the city’s most iconic attractions. It was built in 1894 and was a potent symbol of the age of industrial development and the city’s urban expansion during Victorian times. It now offers visitors an opportunity to see a permanent exhibition that gives an interesting insight into the history of the bridge. One of the more contemporary additions is its stunning Glass Walkway, which opened to the public in 2014. It offers visitors a unique and thrilling of the traffic below as well as stunning views of the Thames River and beyond.

These are just a select few of the fascinating attractions that are to be found in this magnificent and vibrant metropolis!