The most amazing grass sculptures in the world | Topiary Masterpieces

Grand Grass Phoenix

Today green dominates as we take a look at some of the most amazing topiary works of art. Topiary is the practice of using grass, shrubs and trees to create different shapes, much like sculpturing but with greenery. The artists involved in this are not simple gardeners. With hard work and a vision in their…

Ben Young’s beautiful layered glass sculptures

Lonesome Light

We know one thing for sure about Ben Young. He loves the sea. This is reflected in most of his layered glass sculptures which are all spectacular. The main theme of the sculptures is either the sea, shapes, or life. Apparently Ben who currently resides in Sydney, Australia, has been making glass sculptures for more…

Industrial design and prosthetic legs | Scott Summit gives the answer


Prosthetic leg designs have come a long way. Fairings have helped extremely with that, as well as all the great artists and designers who have given their best to create true pieces of art. Unfortunately, life holds in store grim times for some people. However, there are those that don’t allow it to get to…

20 winners highlights of the 2014 sony world photography awards


Presently photography is considered as art, a simple camera like the brush and the canvas has become an indispensable tool for many artists that do express their emotions via the particular tool. But like most contemporary arts, the idea of a photo is even more important than the work itself – the idea of the…

Impressive Frida Kahlo’s illustrations created by young artists

Frida Kahlo`s skull

60 years after her death, Frida Kahlo, who in life was carrying consequences of her illnesses accidents and mostly marital problems, is one of the most recognized Mexican artists in the world. I would say (from a lazy penguin artistic perspective) one of the best artists globally, and will prove that to you with the…

Photoshop Battles Never End

Photoshop Battle 7 Seals Tower

Have you ever experienced that you uploaded one of your photos on the internet and someone you know downloaded it and edited it into something funny? That’s probably how it all started. Photoshop battles are exactly that but done by people highly skilled in image editing. Surely you’ve taken pictures of yourself or others and…

This artist dedicated a shoe sculpture to each of his lovers, could you be one of them?

"Heart Breaker" Laura from behind

We introduce you today to Sebastian Errazuriz, a Chilean artist who, through his original anti-design, explores the question of sex and love over the memory of 12 past relationships. For each of them, he created a unique high-heel shoe according to the reminiscence of their personal and sexual relationships, and they’re accompanied by a personal…

20 chameleonic body paintings to trick your eye

Coney Island bodypaint

Today we introduce to you Trina Merry, a very talented artist. She’s able to create pretty realistic landscapes, art decó, motor vehicles.. everything you can imagine goes out of her hands! But how does she do it..? As you can guess from our featured image, she doesn’t need expensive and rare materials to craft any objects….

The 30 “coolest” ice and snow sculptures in the world

Tiger chasing the moon

Now that we’re living this scorching Summer we bring you some refreshing photos that will make you miss your coat! In Winter time, who hasn’t gone to the closest hill to make some snowmen with the typical hat and carrot in the nose? In these funny plans we are the bosses, but do you want…

The 25 most expensive Banksy’s graffiti

Banksy flower thrower

We all know Banksy, the artist that has gotten glory and fame by hiding (he exists!). He gives away his graffitis to the city anonymously, as part of his particular guerrilla against the popular culture, which makes him paint two cops kissing in a wall or create a video of Dumbo being killed by terrorists. He started painting…