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Drawings Of The Daily Routine Of A Tiger And A Panther

Tiger and Panther

Japanese artist has drawn a series of comic strips following the daily routine of a tiger and a panther, as if they were humans! The comics are based on an anime thus they are heavily influenced by the Japanese culture. The drawings are very adorable for such fierce animals and it’s quite funny to see them in these every day situations! What...

Transforming Kids Drawings Into Awesome Plush Toys By Wendy Tsao

I am sure that most of your mothers/fathers have hidden your drawings somewhere in your attic – and probably you have your kid’s ones hung all over the walls. In today’s post we are proudly presenting to you Wendy Tsao, an artist who brings to life kids drawings by converting/remodeling them into awesome plush toys (that’s tight – a copy...

Remarkably Detailed Drawings Showing the Harm We’ve Done to Earth

Land of Yin Yang

The series of paintings below (named: Yin Tang) was created by McCann Worldgroup – India. As we already know the natural disasters & environmental hazards have resulted to the disproportion of the conditional state of our environment ( we lazy penguins know well about this matter). For that reason they came up with the idea “Bring back...

The Vivid Illustrations Of Pascal Campion

Snowy Night, Calm Inside

Pascal’s works are a great example of how the correct lighting in art can create a magnificent atmosphere and make them seem like they’re moving! Pascal Campion is a French-American artist who has become very popular for his “Sketch of the Day” which is him drawing a new image everyday. All his works are heavily influenced...

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