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The 20 most incredibly cozy pieces of furniture

Iglu Daybed

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to lay down, in a warm and comfortable private space and relax? Yeah, for lazy me that’s everyday, but be penguins with me for a few minutes! Imagine a rainy day outside, warm home and a super cozy sofa. Insert you in the mix and we have a very pleasant picture in our minds. Sometimes we...

Top 10 most expensive “classic cars” ever sold

1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 - Side View

The classic car collection has become one of the best alternatives for investing large amounts of money. When you hear on the news that a classic car has been sold for 10 or 20 million, it diffuses you and many people hold hands over their head. It is true that these classic beauties are expensive, but it is also true that they can be an...

If We Could Only Have These Honest Alcohol Labels

Text Your Ex

Just imagine if you could order a “crying alone” shot! Or if you could go at flat party with your bottle of “vomiting everywhere”. The reality would have been different indeed since every bottle would have showed you the result of the night. By the way, my favourite drink is ”dancing on tables” —- Tequila H/t: totalsororitymove Vomit...

Most expensive hotels in the world

Atlantis Room

Is it the time of the year when you are doing your research looking for the most amazing hotel to book for your holiday? Well, before you start your research you better check this list with the 10 most expensive hotels in the world. Who said that money can’t buy happiness? Unfortunately only a few can afford to book one of these hotels for...