Do plants in your bedroom help for a better night’s sleep?

So many people advocate having house plants for many reasons from promoting happiness, to productivity and the fact that they clean the air too. Not only do they offer those benefits but they look great as well and they can truly transform a space with their touch of green and nature.

Now the real question is, do plants in your bedroom have a positive impact on your sleep at night?

Purifying the air

Plants are nature’s air purifiers, they produce vital oxygen while also removing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from our air. Almost every plant has the power to remove chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene as well as others from our air. However, plants produce carbon dioxide at night so that balances out all of the good work they do at every other time, right? Wrong – all of the benefits plants provide us are not outbalanced by their carbon dioxide production.

Background noise reduction

We know that planting trees next to roads help to reduce the amount of noise that reaches houses, house plants can have a similar effect with background noise. Indoor plants can help to reduce the amount of outside noise that leaks into your bedroom by absorbing and diffracting some of that noise.

While plants will not be able to absorb all of those distracting sounds there are some plants that can help to reduce excess noise by up to five decibels. So, if you struggle to sleep at night because you’re distracted by sound, noise reducing plants can help to alleviate your problem.

Immune boosting for children

Many parents think that it is best to keep their babies and young children away from anything that they think is dirty or potentially allergenic. While shielding babies in their first couple of months is essential while they have a weak immune system, longer-term isolation can hinder the strengthening of their immune system and promote the development of allergies.

Exposing children to different types of house plants early on will allow their immune system to encounter a range of different allergy triggers. This meeting will encourage their immune system to trigger a healthy response and start to build an immunity to those allergenic compounds. Allergies can be really irritating, making us feel terrible and can keep us awake at night, so if we can keep them from even developing why wouldn’t we? However, there are instances where children will develop allergies no matter what, but it is always best to give a child their best chance to be healthy.

The best plants for great sleep

  • Jasmine – a truly soothing plant that has been shown to help to reduce anxiety levels. Having a lot on your mind and being anxious can stop you from being able to switch off when you go to bed at night.
  • Lavender – one of the most well-known plants when it comes to relaxation and promoting great sleep and for good reason! It helps to reduce anxiety levels as well as slowing down your heart rate, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.
  • Snake plant – if you’re someone who doesn’t believe they’re the best at being a plant parent then a snake plant is for you. Snake plants are pretty hardy and very easy to care for. These plants are top notch air purifiers, producing oxygen at night while taking in carbon dioxide all while filtering out household toxins too.

With a bedroom full of sleep-promoting house plants and a super comfortable bed from Divan Beds Centre you’re sure to have the best night’s sleep of your life.