5 Essential Rules to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Have you ever seen celebrities and how they change their hairstyles overnight? It doesn’t take more than common sense to know that their ultimate tool behind changing hairstyles overnight are hair extensions. Extensions allow women to add fullness, length, and depth to their hair which lets them experiment with hairstyles.

Even the 6 most iconic hairstyles in TV history were pulled off thanks to hair extensions. Nowadays, there are many kinds of hair extensions available. For example, check this hair extension factory that lists 100s of different hair extensions to pick from.

As a newbie, what hair extension should you buy for your hair? If you’re clueless, but you want to experiment with hairstyles using human hair extensions, then you need to know these 5 essential rules of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Must Match Your Lifestyle

Different hair extensions provide different advantages as well as disadvantages. This is why it is very important to know the types of hair extensions before getting them. Some of the most common hair extensions include tape-in extensions, pre-bonded extensions, Remy hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, clip-ins, and more.

Which hair extension best suits to depends a lot on your lifestyle. Are you an absolute beginner to hair extensions? Try the clip-ins. Are you always working out in the gym? Tape-in hair extensions are best for you. Similarly, if you want hair extensions to look absolute natural, then opt for human hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Must Match Your Color

One of the biggest fear of women wearing hair extension is others finding out that they are using faux hair. There are certain hair extensions that look unnatural and immediately give a vibe that they’re fake. For example, synthetic hair extensions have so much unnatural shine to them that it is quite easy to tell that they’re fake.

When going for the absolute natural look, always opt for 100% Remy hair extensions or human hair extensions. For example, check this hair extension factory that has a number of hair extension sets that are natural and pure.

Hair Extensions Should Always Be High In Quality

Did you know that low-quality hair extensions can easily get tangled when used? They also kind of shout ‘hey, we’re fake hair’ when you wear them. This is why when buying hair extensions, absolutely make sure that they are of the highest quality made with natural human hair.

Hair Extensions Require a Lot of Maintenance

If you thought hair extensions can be used and kept without maintenance, then this may come as a surprise. Hair extensions, especially the human hair extensions require a lot of maintenance. They should be loved and cared for the same way you would care for real hair. You may have to occasionally wash them with shampoo and conditioner to keep them looking their best.

If you follow these simple hair extension rules, you are on your way to finding the best hair extensions to pull off any kind of hairstyle you can think of.