Effective Tips to Boost Your Beard Growth 

Growing a beard can prove challenging because you never have control of how thick your beard will be, its texture or color. The most exciting part is that today, there are many products including beard oil that help you to grow a healthy beard. With such products, you can also employ a healthy lifestyle, and a grooming regiment for beard growth. This article offers important and effective tips to make your beard growth journey more rewarding.

  • Patience

Patience is key when it comes to growing a beard. Every beard is unique, some can take weeks, while others can take months to grow. Therefore, be patient and let your beard grow at a natural pace.

  • Understand your hormonal patterns

Beard growth narrows down to your hormones and more specifically testosterone. The amount of testosterone in your system can affect the pattern of your facial hair growth. With higher levels of testosterone, you will have more facial hairs and vice versa. You can increase the levels of this hormone by;

  1. Taking supplements.
  2. Exercising on a regular basis.
  3. Ensuring your diet is rich in proteins, healthy carbs, and fats.
  4. They help in boosting your energy levels, testosterone production and metabolism for healthy beard growth.
  • Eat healthily

Your body health and that of your beard hair are closely related. Therefore, it is important that you stick to a healthy lifestyle to increase the chances of growing a blooming beard.

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Enrich your diet with;

  • Sweet potatoes since they are rich in beta carotene to enhance cells growth in your facial hairs. Beta carotene is further converted to vitamin A for more cell growth.
  • Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, an important mineral for building hairs.
  • Eggs are rich in iron, zinc, and calcium that boost hair growth.
  • Spinach is also rich in magnesium, potassium, protein, and calcium that boost facial hair growth.
  • The liver is rich in biotin and iron.
  • Cinnamon is good as it allows for the flow of oxygen to hair follicles. Add a small amount of cinnamon to food for a great flavor and beard growth.
  • Exercise regularly

Exercising on a regular basis can boost your beard growth. Create more testosterone production through exercises, and the more of the hormone in your body, the more beard growth.

Always focus on the best resistance training exercises. This kind of workouts stimulate testosterone production, and increase androgen receptor activity. Therefore, you can exercise two or three times a week based on your schedule. Aerobics and weight lifting are some of the best exercises to consider.

Exercises also allow your system to get rid of toxins that block hair follicles. When you exercise, you sweat, and this creates room for the shafts and hair follicles to open up for healthy beard growth.

  • Beard oil

When growing your beard, it is also important that you use the best beard oil. Based on your needs, you can choose a beard oil that works best for your skin and beard type. Beard oil is considered a miracle drug in the world of beard care. It comes with far-reaching benefits, and features from soothing the skin underneath to allowing you to style and manage the beard with ease.

  • Beard oil promotes beard growth.
  • Moisturizes the beard.
  • Soothes the skin and prevents flakiness.
  • Helps you to grow a healthy thicker beard.

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It comes with natural ingredients that help to make your beard soft, shiny, manageable and healthier. With regular use of a good beard oil, you will realize that managing your hair becomes easy.

The beauty of beard oil is that it also strengthens hair follicles. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin to provide instant nourishment and relief from dandruff and itchiness. This means that you can use it even on your mustache.

  1. Daily grooming

Daily grooming plays a significant role in boosting beard growth. Choose the best comb based on the type of facial hair. Wider combs are good for coarse hair. It helps to prevent breakages as you comb the beard. Similarly, clean your beard with the best beard shampoo and beard soap. They help to preserve essential nutrients that enhance beard growth.

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Beard oil also plays a significant role in proper beard grooming. Use it not only for beard growth but also to make your beard more manageable when it comes to styling and shaving. Oils with castor oil are highly recommended owing to the natural antifungal properties that help to enhance the health of hair follicles.