Want To Try Home Photography? Prepare Your House With These Tips

If you’re that person who’s always had a passion for taking photographs, then there’s no doubt that you’ve always wanted to take your skill to the next level and become a professional photographer. This sometimes, can be a task that is heavy on the wallet. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost! There are ways to try home photography and take professional pictures as if you were in a studio.

Let’s look at a couple of tip that will help you achieve the perfect look for your photos.

How to choose the right location

There are a couple of factors that will affect the quality of your pictures, and this is why it’s important to keep them in mind before you decide on which room to use in the house.

Natural Light

Natural lighting always creates the best effects to produce the most professional looking pictures. This is why it’s important to pick a room that has as much natural light coming in as possible. If you have a room with high windows that’s a plus because you’ll have even more coming in. Sunlight can be very flattering and it can be manageable as well if you play around with the kinds of curtains you have.


It’s important that the room you choose has plenty of space so that you have the freedom to move the subject around as your please, take the picture from different angles and also place as many lights and props as you like.

How to create a professional setup

There are certain bits and pieces that you’re going to have to invest in if you’re planning to have a proper setup for your home photography.

White Backdrop

This can be substituted with a white wall if the room you choose has it. If not, then it’s important to have a white backdrop. You can invest in the actual backdrop that is used for photography or you can drape white sheets to give off the same effect.


Aside from the natural light, sometimes it’s important to have lamps available because you can control when the lighting is focused on and you can also play around with the hues by putting different filters in front of the lamp.


Having a variety of props and furniture to choose from will always lend more depth to the photographs that you take, so make sure that you pile up on the creative ideas!


If you have a backyard and a garden then that too is a great place to set up for a photo session. It’s important for you to pay attention to all the details though. Make sure that the paint isn’t peeling off any surfaces and that the grass is well taken care of and luscious. If not, there are options to help revitalise your lawn at Bibra Lake Soils. These guys give great advice on what it is that may be causing the damage, and most importantly, how to fix it so that you have a picture perfect lawn for your backdrop.

There’s no place like home

It’s actually a brilliant idea to set up your home for a professional shoot because you can utilize it at any time you like, and play with the setting and lighting just as much as they do in professional studios.