Guide to Visiting New York City

When planning a trip to NYC, you should first decide when to go. Once you pick the most convenient time for you, you can start planning your itinerary.

How to Get to NYC


Taking a train to NYC is efficient and affordable because trains are available from most states in the US. If you live in a nearby state, trains offer an affordable and convenient way of getting to New York without worrying about parking expenses once you get there.


If you are making a trip from far away, you should consider flying into New York. With all the flight information that is available online, you should re-check the fares frequently before you decide to buy a ticket. If you are really hoping to save money, you should try sites such as Priceline for the cheapest fares.

Taking the Bus

Buses offer people the cheapest way of getting into the Big Apple. If you are visiting from Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Boston, you can travel by bus. Although bus travel might be a bit slower than other modes of transport, you will still get there. When taking a bus into NYC, you should make sure that you leave enough time to look at the sites and make it back home in time.

Where to Stay

Budget Friendly Hotels

A hotel can be just a place to lay your head after a busy day of sightseeing. If you opt for cheap hotels, you will be able to stay within your budget and see more attractions. Moreover, you will have enough money left over for buying meals and souvenirs for your family.

Hotels with Great Amenities

You might choose a hotel because of its views or the amenities it offers. If money is not an issue, you will have plenty of luxury hotels from which you can choose. With indulgent amenities and great service, five-star hotels will pamper you. If you cannot bear the thought of unplugging while on vacation, you should consider staying in hotels with free Wi-Fi access.

Getting Around the City

Riding the Subway

For most visitors, using the subway makes things much easier and is efficient, inexpensive, and fast. However, if you are traveling during weekends, you should know that there are service interruptions that might affect your trip. Be vigilant because there are signs posted at subways to let commuters know about any service changes.

Taking Buses in NYC

Although a bus is not as fast as a train, you will get to see Manhattan along the way, which is better. If you do not know where to start, you should opt for NYC bus tours, which show you around the city. You should opt for tours if you do not know which attractions to see first.


Getting in a cab is convenient, as it offers the benefits of a car without having to worry about where to park. When you have a group of people with you, taxis can be quite cheap. In NYC, hailing a taxi cab is simple; you just need to step off the curb and stick out your arm. If it is raining, it will be harder to get a taxi, so you should just head to the subway.

What to Do in NYC

NYC Museums

In this city, you will find some of the best museums in the world. You can go to Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Museum of Modern Art, depending on the art you want to see. With hundreds of historic sites, narrowing down your options can be hard.