Interior design tips for the stylish

As a homeowner, making sure that your home is stylish and elegant is key. Not only will this ensure that you love spending time in your home, but it can also enable you to truly relax when doing so. In addition, getting your interior design right will make it a place that you are proud to show off to guests. What better way to celebrate the classy feel of your pad than a fabulous party with those closest to you?

If you are in the process of decorating your home or simply need a few ideas to freshen it up, then we can help.

Choose your theme

Before you can start choosing the various fixtures and fittings to decorate your home, you need to settle on an overall theme, based on your personal style. Of course, you may do this for a whole property or prefer to have a different theme in each room. What is important is that the various pieces of furniture in a room all adhere to one theme and fit well together, to give that stylish look you desire.

The main trends that people are opting for currently are:

  • Scandi – one of the major trends in interior design right now is the Scandi look. This is a laid-back look that will give your home a relaxed, family atmosphere. The colors here are natural, with creams and browns combining to full effect.
  • Bohemian – this look encompasses effortless chic and makes use of eclectic color to achieve the effect. It is almost hippy-like in its focus, with things such as large cushions and sumptuous rugs giving the distinctive look.
  • Moroccan – this look has been popular for a few years now and certainly imparts some serious exotic style to any home. The colors here are vibrant oranges and aubergines mixed with earthy browns. If you imagine what a house in the center of Marrakech may look like, then you will be in the right area.
  • Traditional – for all the new trends in interior design, you may want to go for an old yet classic traditional feel. This will be something like comfortable sofas for the family with coffee tables in oak, for example, to create that homely yet stylish look.

Let’s start with the living room

Once you have decided on a theme, you can start to decorate each room in the style chosen. You may decide to begin with the living room first as this is one of the main rooms in a home that everyone uses.

One thing to think about here is using shutters on your living room windows to achieve an instant blast of sophistication. Many people think that shutters can be tricky to measure for and install, but this is wrong! DIY shutters are actually very easy to fit and make a great value yet extremely effective way of updating the look of your home.

You can also add a dash of style to your living room by choosing the color you paint it carefully to fit in with your theme. In addition, you may also want to think about adding some good-quality rugs and cushions to give it that elegant feel.

What about the bathroom?

Next on our list is the bathroom. This arguably gets as much use as any room in the home so is worth decorating well. Be careful not to clutter your bathroom as this can make it seem small. If needed, install beautiful-looking cabinets or storage in your chosen theme to aid in this. Many people will also go for a shade of blue in their bathroom to give it that sense of serene elegance. Mirrors are also a great idea in this room – not only do they look great and come in very handy, but they also make the space seem bigger.

Don’t forget the kitchen

Though every room in your house deserves decorating in style, the kitchen is another room that probably needs prioritizing. This is the focal point for many homes, and you may spend a lot of time in yours. To add some instant sophistication to your kitchen, why not change up your lighting? Choose some new lights in your chosen theme and you will be amazed at the difference they make. Another great tip for some quick, eye-catching appeal is to add some artwork or pictures to your kitchen wall.

Get the house you deserve

Once you have covered all the main communal rooms above, you can move on to individual bedrooms and other areas of your house. Remember to choose furniture and colours that fit into the overall theme that you have gone for and you will be fine. Once finished, you will be left with a home that simply radiates style!