Marketing Strategies to Execute in 2019

There isn’t any doubt that online marketing is key to business growth. Most everyone in the world is online, has a social media account, and at some point spends their day watching videos on their timeline. But this is more than just producing different kinds of media for your consumers. It is seeing the trends and using it to stay ahead of the changing technology and the people’s online behaviour.

According to a study made by GlobalWebIndex showed that 28% of online activity happens on social media. As a result, there has been a spike in paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, the latter outselling the former 117% just last year.

In addition to this, most are taking information through their mobile devices. This means that businesses need to adapt not just to the online landscape, but also to the way they present their content.

Website security

People know what to look for on a website to see if it is safe or not. S if you haven’t already, make sure you have a verified SSL certificate. What it does is encrypt the information being sent to and from your website. In the event that it gets compromised, the hacker will not be able to unlock the information because it is locked with keys only you and the user has.

Consider vertical videos

Part of creating content for mobile users is producing vertical videos, making viewing easier for consumption. Mobile Overview Report found that 94% of users watch videos vertically even it is meant to be seen horizontally. Think of how we consume videos on Instagram or Twitter, we do not flip our phones to the side anymore. A good way to take advantage of this is using Facebook and Instagram stories. You can give your customers a behind the scenes look at how you work, maybe include a link there where they can leave a review or order something from your online shop.

Post on social media consistently

Remember that the goal is being top-of-mind. Since everyone’s on social media, it makes sense that one of your strategies is posting consistently so that your customers can see your content on their timeline everytime they scroll through it. You can publish a variety of posts like blog articles from your website, videos, and even just images. What you need is to keep your feed fresh with content that are relevant and helpful which your customers can share.

Optimise for voice search

With the emergence of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, you must make sure that your online pages are optimised for it. One of the things you need to consider using long tail key phrases that answer customer inquiries directly. You can also simplify your content so that the search engine can easily pick up on the keywords used on voice search.

Audit your online pages, your website and social media channels, and see if you are getting significant engagement. This should help you see gauge where else you can improve and what kind of content you should be creating. Use these tips as a template for the next time you’re making your marketing strategies and see how it improves your online presence.