New Year, new career — 5 Great British Jobs

If Christmas is already a tinsel-tinged memory and being back at work is mind-numbing, perhaps it’s time to switch careers?

And if you’re based in the UK, there are a range of jobs that make a sterling contribution to the nation and feel fulfilling too.

So if a new career’s on the cards this New Year, here are five Great British jobs.

  1. MI6

If you’re a fan of James Bond, you can step in 007’s fictional footsteps for real by applying to work with Britain’s international spy agency MI6.

Operational officers undertake undercover missions around the world making connections and gathering information that keeps the UK safe — so good physical fitness, languages and listening skills are highly valued.

But the service also welcomes science and technology experts and corporate services staff.

  1. Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)

The FCO is staffed by UK diplomats, civil service employees and local staff employed in nations around the world.

This public body prizes individuals with a keen understanding of international relations, who may possess specialist expertise in areas like politics, trade, finance and IT or have a deep understanding of certain cultures.

Many FCO roles are based in High Commissions where work ranges from high level diplomatic discussions to immigration control and consular services — so it’s fast-paced and interesting.

  1. Police

British officers police by consent rather than by force — which, amongst other things, means most of them don’t carry firearms and try to foster positive relationships with their communities.

Naturally, there are police services across the UK, but if you’d like to protect people in one of the most scenic spots, joining national force Police Scotland is a perfect pick.

You could be based in a remote area like the Western Isles, Orkney or Shetland, or walk the beat in a busy metropolis like Glasgow.

But wherever you find yourself, a police career is steady and satisfying.

  1. Teacher

If you’re a smart cookie who’s adept at subjects like English, Maths or Science, or even a bit of an all-rounder, becoming a teacher is a terrific career choice.

Primary school teachers provide the children in their charge with a broad education which prepares them for high school, where they develop specialisms that lead to a career.

You’ll need a dedicated degree, but since it’s a shortage occupation, lots of financial support is available while you train.

  1. Lawyer

If you can think on your feet, have excellent powers of recall and are a polished public speaker, a career in law might be right up your street.

You’ll need to complete a law degree, then find a law firm or legal team willing to sponsor you for a traineeship, where you’ll polish your skills until you’re and prepared to work in the private or public sector.

Get into a good company and you could develop expertise in a range of areas — for instance, Yorkshire lawyers Switalskis Solicitors cover everything from medical negligence to fraud and business crime.

That’s our list! Add your own British job suggestions in the comments sectio