Moving back home? What to do with your uni belongings

So, you’ve been living away from home for a few years, building a life for yourself at university and you have all the furniture and belongings to go with it. Now, all of a sudden, it’s time to move back home with your parents and you don’t know where to start with sorting everything.

How are you going to pack everything up and get it home? But, more importantly, where are you going to put it all when you get there? You only have a small bedroom, after all. Don’t worry, we’ve got options for you. Here are just a few options for what to do with your uni belongings when you move back home.

Have a clear out

First thing’s first, before moving home it’s best that you have a good clear out of all your things while you’re still at uni. Get rid of all the clutter, leave anything behind that you don’t need, donate items to your housemates or to charity. It’ll be much easier to move stuff home if there’s less of it! Then, in the lead-up to the move, take a small bag of things home each time you visit, so again, there’s less to move on the big day.

Put things in storage

If you have too many things that you want to keep hold of, but not enough room to keep it at home, then self-storage is going to be your best option. This is especially handy if you have lots of furniture that you’d like to use in your own home once you’ve moved out of your parent’s place. There’s no point getting rid of all your furniture, only to have to go out and buy everything again when you have your own place. You’ll be spending enough money as it is! With storage locations all over the country, from Lincoln to Leeds and everywhere in between, you’re bound to find the perfect storage option for you.

Sell unwanted items

If, once you’re home, you realise you’ve still got a lot of things that you no longer need, then why not make a bit of extra money for that new place by selling things on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or any other online selling sites. You might find a load of old clothes at your parents’ house that you no longer wear and would rather replace with your clothes from uni, perhaps. Selling your belongings is a great way to make space and get some money coming in to start paying off that student loan.

Loan them out

If you’re not going to need belongings such as furniture for a few years, then there’s always the option to loan them out. Perhaps you have a younger brother or sister who’s going off to uni and would be grateful for them? There’s nothing wrong with a hand-me-down, even at that age! You could save them some money and save yourself some space by lending items to them while you’re not using them. Just make sure mum and dad are aware of your arrangements, so there’s no arguments of who owns what when they eventually move back home too!