Myths About Vaping

Today vaping is extremely popular. People (especially teens and young) boast that they know everything about vaping, but they often make mistakes when they are speaking about this kind of smoking. Not to feel like a fool, check your knowledge about vaping, e-cigs and vaping flavors!

Myth 1: All devices for vaporizing are electronic cigarettes

Real e-cig looks like a regular cigarette, but contain special cartridges with a limited flavor range. People can buy them at gas stations and some convenience shops, though many vaping stores simply do not sell them. What we consider being e-cig, in reality usually is either APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers, e.g. the vape pen or vape mode). We can classify vaping devices not only due to the form and structure of the device but also due to the purpose of use. There exist, for example, different kinds of vape pens for weed. APVs contain electronic facility that helps the user to control power level, to produce and regulate the amount of vapor. They cost more and people use them more often. Modes contain special user-rebuildable atomizers. Hypothetically they can produce much more vapor. If we compare these three types of vaping devices (e-cig, pen vaporizer and vape mode), modes are the most expensive.

Myth 2: Vapors hardly contain nicotine

Statistics say that sales of e-liquid with zero or low nicotine strengths (below 6 mg per ml) are much higher than those of e-liquid with medium or high strengths. Though many surveys prove that people start using nicotine more after they start using their first vaporizer pen. Anyway, both data are taken from reliable sources, so that may differ because of different social and economic factors.

Even the best vape pen (link) contains nicotine as well as any cig, but you can control the amount of it. The interesting fact is, though, that the more nicotine you add to your liquid, the worse taste of flavor you get. Many people, who vape, prefer the good taste to nicotine. It is easy to explain – if you need nicotine, not flavor, you may use e-cigs or regular cigarettes, not vape pen or vape mode.

Myth 3: Vapor is not as destructive to health as cigarette smoke

It is evident that there are not sufficient scientific data about the influence of cigarettes and vaporizer pens in comparison, but there exist a great number of studies that show how badly one vape pen can influence human beings and the environment.

Vapor can be harmful to your musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, immune, digestive and reproductive system. The main threat is that many kinds of vaping flavor contain cancerogenic chemicals and make the smoker prone to different health problems. Vaping also is a reason for soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, soil, air, and land pollution. If we talk about environmental pollution, not vapor makes so great harm, but the process of production and transporting.

We cannot properly estimate the level of the harmfulness of vaping devices now, because it depends on different factors such as the choice of flavor or the power of heating, etc.

Myth 4: Vaping is the step to quit smoking

One of the most famous myths, which brought the bloom of sales of devices for vaping, is that it helps to quit smoking. The truth is, though, that it may help to stop using cigarettes, but, in most cases, you get addicted to vapes. It is difficult to quit smoking because of several reasons. The first is nicotine addiction. Some people switch to vape pens and then reduce the amount of nicotine in their e-liquid. However, relapses happen. They say it is better to stop at once because otherwise you always have the temptation to start again. The second is the habit to have something in your mouth. Some people use candies, the other prefer chewing gums, some use flavors that contain no nicotine.

However, the real situation is that you continue smoking whatever you use: either vaporizer pen, or a cigarette. Some people with time become double smokers, which means they smoke both old cigarettes and new vape pens.

Myth 5: Having vape pen at your place equals having a bomb

There were some headings in the news about exploding e-cigs. They say that a loose battery in your pocket may explode. The truth is that if you follow the battery safety guidelines (manufacturer usually indicate them in many languages) and use the device according to its intended purpose, you would face no problems. If you are not sure if you use the battery and the vape pen correctly, simply google information about your model.

Myth 6: E-liquid contain the same chemicals as car anti-freeze

The most confusing thing is that both car anti-freeze and e-liquids contain Propylene Glycol. It is important to note here that this chemical makes anti-freeze non-toxic. All the ingredients are regulated by TPD, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Surely, e-liquids are not as safe as water, but it is not anti-freeze.

Myth 7: Cigarettes are cheaper than vaping

That is obviously a myth. Yes, you need some to make some noticeable contribution at the beginning (to buy the e-cig, vape pen or vape mode itself). Surely, from time to time, you will need to buy some details for the device, but it happens comparatively rarely. You need to buy a pack of cigarette every day or every two days. Surely it is an individual thing because some smoke one pack a week and some smoke two packs a day, but still. If you google a bit, you will find that the average number of packs smoked per week is five, which equals about $65. If we talk about vaping, you need only to buy e-liquid, which costs about $15 for a weekly dose.

I will repeat that these numbers are individual and depend on how much you smoke, but the average statistics give us these numbers.

Knowing this information, you become aware of hidden rocks of smoking and vaping. Now, all these strange devices are a piece of cake for you and it would be easy to choose the best one.


About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.