Personal Injury Cases You’ve Never Heard Of

 injury cases arise when an individual suffers harm from an accident that could have been otherwise prevented. In this case, someone is held legally responsible for the harm done and the individual can make a claim to ensure that he or she is properly compensated for the injuries that he or she has sustained. Some of the most common personal injury cases involve car accidents, medical malpractice, as well as slip and falls. This article though tackles some of the most bizarre personal injury cases you’ve never heard of.

Falling Hair

It is natural for women to experiment with their locks to come up with the cut and color that will best complement their facial features. In the case of a woman who visited a hair salon for a straightening treatment though, instead of beautifully straight and healthy hair, she ended up going home with clumps of falling hair. Because of the emotional distress that she has suffered, as well as the loss of her income as she wasn’t able to report for work, she pursued a case against the salon, eventually garnering her a $6000 award.

When you research online sources, similar personal injury cases against beauty salons and spas have also been raised. In this case, you may come across, which is another article that also tackles some of the strangest personal injury claims that have ever been made, including the bad hair case mentioned above. Still, some articles feature personal injury claims because of skin burns and irritations caused by massage oils.

Hot Coffee Incident

Another rather uncommon, but popular personal injury case is that filed by a woman against a leading fast-food chain service. The woman was said to have ordered a cup of hot coffee from the fast-food chain and it spilled on her lap when she was in her car, causing her to suffer third-degree burns. This entailed the need for her to be hospitalized and undergo medical treatment for a couple of years.

The grounds for her claim was that the fast-food chain served its coffee at an unsafe temperature which is why she sustained severe injuries when it spilled on her. Initially, she was awarded a couple of million dollars for her compensation by the jury but the judge eventually reduced it to a little over half a million.

Wildlife Attack

During an African game hunting safari, a man was mauled by a lion. Since he was carrying ammunition during that time, he fired a shot at the charging lion. The bullet penetrated the lion’s shoulder but it failed to stop the beast from attacking the man. For this reason, the man sued the ammunition manufacturer for his serious injuries after it failed to stop the lion from charging at him even if it was already hit. Unfortunately for the man though, the case was dismissed by the federal court.

TV Show Case

One rather popular but uncommon personal injury case is that filed by a man against the producers of a certain reality television show. The program required its contestants to eat rats, which caused the man watching the show to become ill because of excessive throwing up due to the program he watched. Additionally, he even hit his head on the doorway while he was nauseating and suffered head trauma. He filed a lawsuit against the network where the show was run and asked to be compensated for a couple of million dollars. Unfortunately for the case of the man, his suit was eventually dismissed.

Filthy Daycare Playground

The parents of a preschool child filed a suit against a daycare center when their child fell ill after putting a used condom that she found on the playground into her mouth. Apart from the emotional distress and trauma that it caused their family, they also asked to be compensated for the medical bills they incurred to have their child treated. Fortunately for the family of the child though, they were awarded a reasonable compensation.

There are several types of personal injury cases, such that when you find yourself involved in an unfortunate accident, it is best to gather as many documents as you can. These can serve as a valuable piece of evidence, later on, should you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, specifically when you deem that the accident could have been prevented. Rest assured that with the help of a seasoned and reliable lawyer, you will be able to maximize the compensation that you can get to fully recover from your injuries.