Pull Over – Road Trip Mishaps That Can Put a Damper on Fun When Traveling

How many times have you dreamed of being able to get all your friends together and go on a road trip? We’ve all wanted to do that at some point but there’s always something that doesn’t allow everyone to come together at the same time. Anything from not being able to get off from work to having a kid with a really bad stomach bug that you need to take care of… so it’s not necessarily that your friends don’t want to go on road trips, it’s just that unforeseen circumstances always seem to prevent it from happening, right?

Well, what if the stars aligned and the universe was at complete peace allowing ALL of your friends to be able to take this much-needed road trip together? There’s no sick kids and no “I can’t get off of work” excuses… The only thing left for you and your friends to do is hop in the car and GO!

But Before You Go…

As easy as it is to get everybody in the car and go, you want to make sure you’re “road trip ready.” Making sure you’re “road trip ready” means that there are a few things you want to check before hopping on that road. Some things to check include:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Current Oil Change
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Up-to-Date Car Insurance

Although you and your friends are extremely excited about this trip, safety comes first. So, that means taking the necessary precautions to make sure that everyone will be safe from the start of the trip to the end of the trip but along the way, it’s also important to be aware of possible mishaps that can happen while on your road trip. If you’re prepared for these mishaps beforehand, you’ll be better prepared to handle them if they actually happen during the trip.

Mishap #1: Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is probably THE worst mishap that could happen on a road trip. Why? Because not only are your lives at risk but the lives of others on the road are at risk as well. Car accidents is the main reason why you want to make that extra effort to get your car fully serviced and checked to prevent any car accidents from happening.

Now, that’s to ensure that you’re not the cause of an auto accident. There is also the possibility of other drivers being the reason you get into a car accident… after all, you don’t have control over how other people drive or what they do while they’re driving. So as a safety precaution, you want to make sure you know what to do after an accident and make sure you’re equipped with the following in case of a car accident:

  • Full Coverage Insurance: This type of insurance will cover you whether you are at fault or not.
  • Auto Accident Lawyer: Although you don’t want to have to call an auto accident lawyer, you definitely want to have a dedicated team of lawyers ready to represent you in court.

Mishap #2: Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket isn’t one of the worst things that can happen on a road trip but it is certainly one of the most annoying and frustrating ones because a lot of them are completely preventable. Had you paid a little more attention to the speed limit signs, did a complete stop at that stop sign, or didn’t make that u-turn in a “no u-turn” area, you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in.

As far as speeding tickets are concerned, USA Today states that in 2012, 10,000 people lost their lives due to speeding on the road. What people don’t realize is that for the most part, speeding really doesn’t get you anywhere faster (without consequences). The sooner people realize that, the safer everyone will be on the road.

Mishap #3: Car Troubles

One of the worst things that could possibly happen on road trips is for your car to break down. When you feel the car shaking or see smoke coming from under the hood, it can mean an infinite number of things that could have gone wrong. Bad brakes, oil leaks, or missing gasket caps… all of those can be expensive mishaps to repair so it’s better to either rent a car or be sure to get your car fully serviced and checked out before getting on the road.