These Are the Top 4 Dogs for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Anyone with an active lifestyle would do well to choose a dog that loves the outdoors as much as they do. After all, you are bringing home a new family member and what would time spent fishing at the river or camping in the wild without your fur baby tagging along be like?

Whether you have children or are simply looking for a camping buddy, there are some breeds which simply do better than others in less restrictive spaces. Yes, in some areas, wild camping is still allowed if you have permission from the landowner, so don’t think that you need to suffer noisy and overcrowded campsites with a dog you’ll need to keep leashed. With that being said, let’s look at some of the best breeds for outdoor enthusiasts.

1. Labrador Retriever

For those who love the water, there is no better dog than a Labrador Retriever. While typically bred as a hunting dog, hence the name ‘Retriever,’ these dogs are also playful and love the water. Anyone who loves to spend time swimming, fishing, boating or simply camping by the riverside would do well to bring home a Lab. There isn’t a naturally more fun-loving dog than a Lab, but the one thing you might want to be aware of is that Labs, although fond of water, do suffer ear infections quite easily. No matter what kind of dog you bring home, or what kind of activities you intend to share with your new BFF, you will definitely want pet insurance. Check out the options on so you’ll have cover for those vet visits that will probably be needed from time to time – those floppy ears can keep moisture in and be a breeding ground for germs. Poor doggie!

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Usually referred to as the Gentle Giant of canines, a Bernese Mountain Dog well-deserves that name! Gentle and friendly, these are dogs you can take into almost any setting without worry that their hackles will rise at the first sign of a stranger. For those who love to camp or enjoy the great outdoors in the winter, a Bernese Mountain Dog with all that long hair makes for a great companion. They were originally bred to carry loads on farms, so if you need an extra hand at carrying packs, load up your buddy for the long haul. Just make sure to give him adequate veterinary care to keep him strong and healthy and this is where your good cover on that dog insurance will come in handy. Yes, vets can be expensive but who deserves better care than that loyal and loving fur baby? Insurance for dogs can certainly be a lot more affordable than ongoing vet bills!

3. Collie

If ever there was a family dog to rival a Lab it would be a Collie. These dogs do need lots of space to run and play, and this is why they are great pets for outdoor enthusiasts. However, insurance for pets can help with some of the more common health ailments your dog may encounter. Although they live a relatively long lifespan of ten to fourteen years, they do tend to get hip dysplasia quite easily and they are prone to several eye ailments like CEA, Collie Eye Anomaly. Eventually, CEA can lead to blindness so if you find that your dog has issues seeing things in later years that they once spotted quickly, take them to the vet immediately. Proper care can help to prolong sight in many dogs. Although it’s a genetic defect common in this breed, a vet can help you learn to tend your dog so that he can continue going on those outdoor excursions the both of you love so much.

4. Australian Shepherd

Here is a dog that naturally loves the outdoors. Bred originally as a herding dog, you will find that this is not a dog you need to coax outside. Some dogs tremble at the thought of the great outdoors, but not an Australian Shepherd! These dogs were often bred in the Western United States, but as the name implies, they hail from the Land Down Under many, many years ago. It seems like cattle ranches are just as prevalent in Australia as they are in the Western USA, so anyone who has ever seen an Australian Shepherd in action in the UK knows just how well these dogs do outdoors. They are loving companions and if you get puppy insurance and regular visits to the vet early on, you’ll have a dog with a fairly long lifespan of about 12 to 14 years.

So there you have the four best dogs for outdoor enthusiasts. Just remember that these dogs do love to play and some do better off-leash than others. Before letting them roam freely, work with your fur baby to ensure their safety. Immediate recall is imperative if you are camping in the wild. Keep your dog healthy and fit and you’ll have a camping mate any time you go – a sheer delight for both man and dog.